Almost two years to the date of the release of their breakthrough album, Citizen return with their highly anticipated follow-up full-length. Everybody is Going to Heaven is a turning point for Citizen: once regarded as newcomers with undeniable potential, the band shows here that they have matured both abruptly and uniquely, with no end to their upward trajectory in sight.

Artist Feature

When Citizen dropped their sophomore album, Everybody Is Going To Heaven, it took a few folks by surprise - notably, it took a few folks that probably didn't consider themselves fans at first by surprise. The record took a step outside the sound the band had delivered on their debut release Youth, and these excellent musicians have taken that refined sound all around the country this year to celebrate it. We talked to drummer Jake Duhaime while the band is out on the road with Feed The Beat alumni Circa Survive:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Citizen in one sentence: Citizen is a rock band that straight up rocks.

You released Everybody Is Going To Heaven earlier this year (congrats, by the way!) - how did it feel to release this collection of songs? Did you feel a lot of growth between your previous records and this release? Was there a song or a sound in particular you're most proud of? The album was a bit of a sonic departure from our previous record. So, we were very nervous but also excited to unveil it to everyone. Being able to make an album by our own rules was a very liberating experience. We've gained a lot of new fans and a lot of respect for carving our own path. That's important to us. My top three tracks (at the moment) are Ring of Chain, Yellow Love, and Numb Yourself.

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? I'm really low maintenance. As long as there is bad ass food nearby, I could care less about other accommodations. I've been super into arcades lately... so I suppose I wouldn't mind running into more of those.

You guys have been out on the road for a few weeks now, playing alongside Circa Survive (who are Feed The Beat alumni!) - how was this tour been so far? Circa a Survive are the best. Since day one, they've been nothing but welcoming to us. Their fans are also awesome- they just straight love music. Gaining that audience was the number one goal when we said yes to this tour and I feel like we're meeting it! Getting to watch Circa every night has also been an obvious perk.

Citizen have done a TON in 2015 with the release of EIGTH and all the touring behind it. Assuming there's a little bit of a break in there for you guys to take a breath, what adventures are next in 2016? We've announced a little stint in Europe with our good friends in Turnover. Other plans are certainly in the works too but that's all on the down-low for now. :)