Palisades is based just outside of New York City in Iselin, NJ. They bring a mix of urban, hip-hop, EDM, and of course hardcore to their music. Each show is an electric high energy party that you don't want to miss!

Artist Feature

Palisades are getting. it. done. This Jersey-based group has been working hard for years now, creating insanely catchy songs that populate their records and taking their high-octane live show to the road. After the release of Mind Games in 2015, the band jumped in the van and brought their music and energy to their fans across the country - and it sounds like 2016 will have a similar vibe, what with a massive tour just announced and new songs in the works! Feed the Beat spoke with the band about what they're up to:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Palisades in one sentence: Palisades is a band who brings high energy vibes from record to the live show and it should not be missed.

You just recently announced you'll be hitting the road next month with fellow Feed The Beat artists Secrets - this is so exciting! What are you looking forward to most on these dates? Are there are cities you're excited to see again or for the first time? Yeah, it is pretty exciting! We loving going out to the West Coast a lot so Anaheim, Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix all are just some of our favorite cities to play in. We're just looking forward to getting back out on the road, and seeing old friends, and playing new and as of right now unreleased material for the fans before we go out into the studio.

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? Definitely must have our bluetooth speaker. Our radio doesn't have a cd or even a tape player, so we use a bluetooth portable speaker when we drive, so we need that and of course TACO BELL!

When you're out on tour, you get to see long-time fans, along with new ones. What do you hope these fans (new and old) walk away with when they see you perform? It's really insane because theres a few fans that have literally been there from the beginning. They have seen us play anywhere between 4-10 times, some fans have crossed international waters to see us and the tour for multiple dates - those people have seen us up to 30 times in a timespan of 2 months! We just want people to be blown away with energy. Palisades brings a high energy fast paced experience. We want you to simply come back for more.

We recently saw a photo of you guys in what looks like the studio... can we hope for new music from Palisades in 2016? Yeah, we are working at home right now and writing what will be a third album. It's exciting, to be writing new music when your last album hasn't even hit a year old yet.

You can hear Palisades' most recent album Mind Games here:

You can see them on tour with fellow Feed The Beat artists Secrets this winter: