Denai Moore

Denai Moore is a singer whose love of Bon Iver, Fiest and James Blake led her to write the kind of soul searching, heart-on sleeve, poetic chamber pop that's been know to make grown men cry. her silencing, stripped back stage show has had the likes of Plan B and Tom Odell hail her as one of the most exciting new songwriters, while Clare Maguire became so enamoured by Denai's music that she adopted her as a protégé.

Artist Feature

Denai Moore has a sound that's easy to get lost in - the Jamaican born, UK raised musician entranced us with her song "Blame" from the opening notes, and her debut record Elsewhere is a journey we'll gladly go on again and again. We spoke with Denai about creating the album and her love for playing shows (we can't wait to see her here in the States in a few weeks!)

You've just released your debut album Elsewhere in the US - congratulations! What have you been doing to celebrate the album thus far? Are you excited to bring these songs to a new audience? I haven't really celebrated the release to be honest. I was so nervous and anxious leading up to the release and a few days after it was out I was already thinking about the next record. One of my favourite things is playing shows, I'm always trying to push myself to be a better performer, so I can't wait!

With 2 EP's previously under your belt, how was creating a full length record for you? Were there any primary inspirations or experiences you were pulling from when you were writing? Creating the album was the most fun I've ever had in the studio ! I almost went by too quickly. All the inspiration for the album stemmed from me experiencing being a 20 year old drop out. I had a hard time dealing with a lot of things, and put it all in my music!

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? My biggest must have is probably an Aux cord! It's really interesting hearing everyone's real tastes and guilty pleasures in the band!

If we were looking at a crystal ball... would would we see coming in the future for Denai Moore? I'd hope be a better version of myself! That's all I want to be.

You can pick up Denai's album Elsewhere via iTunes now, or stream it via Spotify.