Coasts are an English rock band, formed in Bristol, in 2011. The group consists of Chris Caines, Liam Willford, James Gamage, David Goulbourn and Ben Street. They are most notable for their singles 'A Rush of Blood' and 'Oceans'. 'A Rush of Blood' was named Zane Lowe's 'Hottest Record' in October 2014. The single has also featured on Made in Chelsea. 'Oceans' has received international media attention and has achieved over 4 million plays on Soundcloud.

Artist Feature

Is there anything more exciting than releasing your debut album? We're gonna go with "no" - it's a HUGE moment in a musician's career and something to be celebrated, and in style. Feed The Beat artists Coasts are dropping their self-titled debut on January 22nd, and we're already feeling like it's a record that will absolutely be the soundtrack to some celebrations! We spoke with the band about touring, their new record, and how their specifc brand of artistry is present in everything they create:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Coasts in one sentence: We're essentially a group of friends making music that we love, instinctively and honestly, about life and the pleasures of living it to its fullest.

Your debut self-titled album is due to be released in just a few weeks - what can you tell us about it? It's an album about optimism and a lust for life. It documents the journey of the band from its inception to where we are now through all the highs and lows. Ultimately its a really positive album about unity. We've been making music together for so long and have had to persevere and hustle and this album is about that struggle and the amazing experiences we've had as a group of best friends playing and writing music together.

What is your biggest 'must have' while out on tour? We drink a lot of Gin and red wine, but a good tv series is always a must.

With this new record AND tour dates already announced for Europe, can we cross our fingers and hope you'll be coming back to tour the US this year? I think I can tell you that that is a definite. We'll be announcing pretty soon. We can't wait to get back out to the US and Canada and play shows there again.

One of the things we love about Coasts is that your videos are always so visually stunning and exciting - what inspires them? With 'You' and 'Oceans', do you feel the video captured the emotions of the songs? We've always wanted our videos and artwork to be truly representative of the music we make and it took us a long time to nail down an aesthetic that we were truly happy with and that we felt served what we were creating. We feel like the last two videos that we made have been a perfect visual representation of the songs and their lyrical intent. I think its really important to have that because it creates a world for our fans to invest in. We owe a lot to them for getting us this far.