Big Wild

Stemming from a relentless desire to create something new, Big Wild's sound taps into the natural curiosity we all share by exploring beyond conventional boundaries in music. This spark was ignited when he first began creating music under the heavy influence of modern Hip-Hop producers. Since then, he has increasingly drawn inspiration from the limitless potential of electronic music, while at the same time building a style unique to him.

Artist Feature

Big Wild joining the Feed The Beat was pretty exciting - we get some serious West Coast vibes whenever we listen to his original tracks (and we're definitely on the same page with the need for flip flops!), plus there have been some remixes he's dropped that have blown. our. minds. With tons of shows still on his schedule before 2015 wraps up, Big Wild gave us the scoop on where he gets inspiration and what kind of big things we can expect in the new year:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Big Wild in one sentence: I make adventurous electronic music for you to dance, groove, or vibe to.

There are so many different influences and vibes in the music you make and in the remixes you do. What's your thought process like when you sit down to create something? Are there artists that stick out in your mind as an influence when you're working on different tracks? Whether it's an original or a remix, I'm always focusing on how to make the track unique and have emotion. Ideas of mine that fit that criteria inspire me the most. I get motivated by many different artists and styles of music, and this changes depending on the song. For example, I was inspired to make Venice Venture after watching Pulp Fiction. The soundtrack for that movie used a lot of surf rock which was a style I was really into as a kid. I wanted to create that same vibe but with a unique twist. That's where the deep, heavy beat comes in, creating something that's surf rock influenced, but totally different.

You're set to close out the year with a handful of awesome shows, including some alongside Feed The Beat alum Odesza - that's so exciting! Do you have anything big up your sleeve to wrap up 2015? Can we hope for some cool collaborations from the road? :) It's been a great end of the year so far with touring. I couldn't have asked for better people to play alongside! I have a lot of original music I'm working on and some big remixes in the works. Lots of cool collaborations with vocalists and producers as well! I plan on releasing a lot of new, original bodies of work starting in early 2016!

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? Flip flops. If I can't give my feet some sun everyday, it's a situation!

What is the biggest thing you hope fans (both new and old) leave your shows thinking / knowing? When people leave my shows, I want them to feel inspired on both an intellectual and emotional level. Inspiring people is my favorite way of connecting with people, and for me, connection is a huge part of music. Every artist has their own way of doing that, and I try and make my performance as impactful as possible by having a unique and powerful show that stays true to my music.