A R I Z O N A is a band started by three New Jersey natives. They spend most of their time either on the road creating in a mobile recording studio they built in an old Toyota, or between LA, NJ, and the UK.

They're currently working on their debut album to be released in 2016.

Artist Feature

We get many applications from artists who want to join Feed The Beat every year, and we listen to a LOT of music to narrow it down to 100 accepted musicians. So when we hear a song we LOVE - like a brand new track called "I Was Wrong" - we drop everything and get to know that artist. Enter A R I Z O N A: a talented group of gentlemen who are working hard on their debut album, who are ready to take on the world, who love connecting with the crowd, and who we think you're going to love as much as we do.

Tell the Feed The Beat community about ARIZONA in one sentence: A R I Z O N A started as an outlet to do what we love for ourselves, it's about being creative and true to yourself.

"I Was Wrong" is one of our favorite songs right now (and we love the new video!) - what can you tell us about it? How has the reaction to the song made the band feel? We originally wrote "I Was Wrong" back in 2014 during a short stint Zach and Nate had living in Europe. The music we heard in Europe was very unlike anything we had heard stateside and it inspired us to write "I Was Wrong".

We never in our wildest dreams thought this song would blow up so the fact that so many people love it and put it on their playlists blows our minds! We've been pretty overwhelmed with gratitude for all the love our fans have given it!

What is your biggest "must have" when you're out on tour? Tacos and sweet tea... Maybe some WIFI to play League of Legends.

When you're playing shows, what is the most important part to you? Is there a moment when you're on stage that stands out? I (Nate) grew up going to shows and being part of the crowd, to me the biggest and most impactful part of being in the audience was when we all felt connected with the band as we sang along to songs that meant so much to us. When I can see that same emotion in the crowd it means the world to me that the music we created can have such an impact on people.

What does the rest of 2016 look like? Will there be new tour dates and new music coming our way? We have a lot planned for 2016! Currently working on a debut record, which should be out late Summer! No dates set in stone at the moment, but we plan on touring heavily throughout the later half of the year! It's gonna be lit!