Sammi Sanchez

Sammi Sanchez is a Mexican - American singer. Girl's Life Magazine dubbed her “The Future is Now in Music". Her new single 'Girls Talk' is set to be released May 2016.

Artist Feature

Is there anything more exciting than fresh, young talent? When we heard snippets of the music that Feed The Beat artist Sammi Sanchez was working on, we knew she was something special... and that we would be singing along to her new single, "Girls Talk", for months to come. As one of the new additions to our lineup, we wanted to get to know Sammi a little better - and what better day to do that then on the release of that exciting new single? Read on!

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Sammi Sanchez in one sentence: I'm Sammi Sanchez, and I laugh too loud, text too much, and I'm always hungry.

You just dropped a brand new single called "Girls Talk" - congrats! Tell us a little about the song: Thank you! Yes I'm so excited! This song came about a few months ago. I was talking to a guy and he happened to be talking to a few of my friends as well. We all ended up finding out and this was a song I wrote to kind of call him out.

"Girls Talk" feels like it's perfect for our summer soundtrack. Are there other awesome tracks we might hear from you soon? Thanks! Yes I'm working on finishing up an EP right now so hopefully that will be out very soon.

What is your biggest "must have" when you play a show? My biggest must haves before the show are water, tea, and candy.

My must have for after the show are candy, Mexican pizza, and green tea.

If you looked into a crystal ball, what would it tell us about the rest of 2016 for you? There has to be a dream you're hoping to accomplish or some sweet plans you can give us a hint about! Ah!! Rest of the year is going to getting exciting. There will be an EP with 5-6 new songs, and also maybe some touring. You will have to wait and see!