As It Is

Brighton-via-Minneapolis pop-rockers As It Is have spent the past two years molding, melding and meddling with their craft. They're fronted by Minneapolis born, Berkshire raised frontman Patty Walters, whose dual YouTube channels broadcast the singer's video blogs and cover versions of a diverse range of tracks (where the super-musical Patty plays every instrument and handles every element of production), and boast nearly 600,000 subscribers and in excess of 2 million plays.

The band spent 2014 in somewhat of whirl, with the renowned Fearless Records (Pierce The Veil, Tonight Alive, Motionless In White etc) selecting the quintet as the first non-US band to ever be signed to their globally acclaimed roster. Not ones to crack under pressure, As It Is - completed by vocalist/ guitarist Benjamin Biss, guitarist Andy Westhead, drummer Patrick Foley and bassist Alistair Testo – rose to the challenge, and locked themselves away in Walters' attic during the summer of 2014 to write, craft and perfect the material for a debut full length.

As It Is' debut album 'Never Happy, Ever After' was released on April 21, 2015. The band unveiled the first single from the album – the infectious 'Dial Tones' – on January 20, 2015, and achieved in excess of 400,000 views of the single's official music video in just one month. The single also achieved top 10 and top 20 chart positions in the iTunes rock and alternative charts in UK, USA and Australia. 'Never Happy, Ever Happy' has most recently reached #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and #39 on the Top 40 UK Album chart.

The band has embarked on a relentless 8 month touring schedule that will see them perform across the UK, Europe, North America (on the 'Glamour Kills' and world famous Warped Tour) as well as on the stages of several renowned festivals, such as Hit The Deck, Slam Dunk and South By So What?!

Artist Feature

We talked with Ben Biss from the trans-Atlantic pop-punk band As It Is all about the band and what they're most looking forward to when they get on the road this summer! (Spoiler alert: it's gonna be an exciting tour for these young lads, and they're looking to make lots of new friends!)

Tell the Feed The Beat community about As It Is in one sentence: Sad nostalgia-fueled pop punk made by kids who like The Breakfast Club and high caffeine intake.

You're about to hit the road for the whole summer! What are you looking forward to the most?
I think we're most looking forward to a new experience with Warped Tour. Also we love making new friends and hanging out with old friends we haven't seen in far too long!

What's your favorite song to play live? Probably 'Speak Soft'. It kicks off the set and is one big ball of emotional energy.

You guys have been bouncing back between the UK and the US while recording your debut album Never Happy, Ever After and playing shows - what are your favorite parts about playing each country? I think my favourite thing about shows in the USA is seeing how far some kids have to travel to see a show due to the size of America. Some kids traveled 10 hours to see us, went hard during our set and then drove back home. Seeing that dedication is awesome! My favourite thing about UK shows is seeing familiar faces at each show. Kids that have seen us silly amounts of time and come to many shows on the tour. It's awesome but we love seeing all the new faces at a show too. We've only toured the USA once so far, so hopefully some American faces become more familiar soon!

What is the band's biggest "must have" while out on tour? Would it be soppy to say each other's backs? We rely pretty hard on each other when on tour. All our morale is so interweaved within each other. Either that or headphones. We all still love listening to music purely for joy - or to drown each other out when we annoy each other.

Check out the video for "Cheap Shots & Setbacks":