King Neptune

Formed in 2015, King Neptune is the brainchild of Ian Kenny. The alternative rock outfit looks to merge 90's rock influences with a modern twist. King Neptune will be releasing their debut EP, "A Place To Rest My Head EP" on October 14, 2016.

Growing up on Long Island, King Neptune was immersed in a place deeply rooted in music. It was a blessing to be able to experience what felt like an explosion of music and culture through the early 2000s. However, watching that artistic community turn over and fade with the records it's produced has been harrowing to witness. Watching venues close, bands breaking up, and a once bustling live music scene diminish has sparked King Neptune's initiative to bring spirit back to a place he has always respected.

"I've witnessed beauty grow and blossom from this island, and I've seen a community of people gather behind something with such a passion and sense of self that it gives me chills. We can be complacent or we can contribute. King Neptune is my contribution and for the first time in years I've finally found a place to rest my head."