The Shivers

The Shivers were formed in August 2015 by Wilmington, North Carolina natives Zach Saffo, Sam Messer, Tanner Richards, and Henry Cutting. Friends since grade school, the guys bonded over a common love of guitar driven blues and rock, and an undying reverence for the Stones, Zeppelin, etc. Despite comparable music tastes, their backgrounds couldn't be more different. Behind the curtain of fuzzy garage jams lies a jazz and Latin trained percussionist, choral singer, and classically trained guitarist. Sonically, this training creates a layer of musicianship not often apparent in modern garage rock.

All-night jams and several noise disturbances culminated in the creation of their "Rough Cuts" EP released on Soundcloud in early 2016. The record consists of four songs showcasing the boys' versatility from the Misfits-inspired "Hole in the Sky" to the campfire ballad "Sun Song." The record was met with a fantastic local response, and solidified The Shivers as staples of the rich Wilmington music scene.

Known equally for their energetic live performances, the bands' dedication to their music is only paralleled by a genuine enjoyment for sharing it. This stems from a belief in musical-efficacy to unite crowd and band into an experience more than simply hearing and playing songs.

The Shivers are now working on new ever-bluesier material, getting ready to record and tour during the summer of 2017. The additions of Cedric Morrissey Preston Lennon on bass and keyboard, respectively, gives the band another sonic dimension, driving the other members to keep innovating. The boys don't show any signs of slowing down, despite thebanalities of college life, and are keeping rock alive in the Southeast.