Humming House

The spotlight on Nashville, with its musical values and timeless traditions, is currently bright. And no band embodies what's right about 21st century Nashville more completely than the quintet known as Humming House. It's the way they weave together threads of Music City's folk, soul, and bluegrass legacies. It's in the inspirational and revealing songwriting. It's in their acoustic instrumentation, presenting mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar and bass in fresh roles. It's in the pleasant tension between rousing energy and nuanced arrangements. And it's in the voices, with two complimentary stylists up front and backed by the full band's rapturous harmonies. Revelries, that came out March 24, 2015 on Nashville label Rock Ridge Music, is the third recording bearing the Humming House name.

Artist Feature

Humming House stole our hearts and ears when we first heard them play, and having them join the Feed The Beat family seemed like the perfect pairing! These folks love exploring on the road and appreciate the beauty of the trip as much as the music they get to share. Read on to hear more about them:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Humming House in one sentence: We are an indie folk ensemble filled with lovers of 90s board games, iced coffee, the great outdoors, and classical composition.

You're on the road all summer long! What are you most excited about for these dates? The western range of the Rockies! We LOVE Colorado.

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? Wifi and iced coffee.

The new album Revelries was just released - how does it feel to have a whole new batch of work out in the world? Incredible! We recorded this album with Vance Powell and Mitch Dane and are very proud of how it turned out. It really showcases the talents of all 5 musicians in the band. When you work on a labor of love for so long, it's the most fulfillment moment to see it released for all to enjoy.

Being on the road is cool, but you guys call Nashville home most days. Are there any big things that you miss while you're away? Family is definitely the top of the list. However some of our favorite Nashville haunts are also dearly missed: The Hop Stop, Mitchell's Deli, Musicians Corner, Lightning 100, Robert's Western Wear, Ugly Mugs, Shelby Bottoms Greenway, and all the amazing music venues that make Music City so special.