Coleman Hell

Coleman Hell hails from Toronto and has exploded onto the scene with what can only be described as pure passion. Coleman took the blogosphere by storm with his first release of the year, as his latest single "2 Heads" skyrocketed to #1 on Hype Machine and instantly propelled Coleman Hell to a new plateau of success. "2 Heads" is the first in a series of wildly diverse tracks that transcend any particular musical genre and will appeal to all different kinds of music fans.

Artist Feature

You may not be familiar with Coleman Hell's brand of infectious tunes yet, but we're pretty sure you'll be getting familiar soon - his single "2 Heads" is picking up steam while presenting a totally unique sound that refuses to leave your brainwaves. About to hit the road with fellow Feed The Beat musician Robert DeLong this fall, we grabbed Coleman for a few burning questions we had (and now we're looking at Julia Louis-Dreyfus fan art, but that's another story):

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Coleman Hell in one sentence: Can it be a run on sentence? Coleman Hell is my real name and I write honest music in an unconventional way. Sorry that's two sentences (now three).

You just announced that you'll be hitting the road with fellow Feed The Beat artist Robert DeLong - what are you looking forward to most about this tour? Are there any cities you're excited to re-visit or see for the first time? I lived in a small town for a big part of my life so I haven't got many opportunities to travel. I'm specifically excited to go to California.

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? I want to ask each venue to provide a printed out picture of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Or if they don't have a printer, they could hand draw one.

"2 Heads" has been popping up everywhere lately, and we love it! What was your process like in creating that song? How do you feel about it now, with it getting played on the radio and showing up all over the world? I wrote it really fast. I think it was already inside of me waiting to come out. The words are about a really personal feeling so to have all these people identify with it is really validating.

Besides touring, what else is coming up from Coleman Hell? We can't wait to hear new music! I just locked myself away in a cabin to finish my full length album. I had sort of a spiritual awakening out there so I'm really excited to share this new music on tour!