"Vancouver Pop artist JESSIA is an enigma upon introduction. After transforming a short TikTok video shot in her car into the empowering body acceptance anthem “I’m Not Pretty,” JESSIA has emerged as one of the most inspiring breakout artists of 2021. Championed by Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, JESSIA and her viral hit single have quickly amassed more than 70M streams, 100M views and countless TikTok creations.

The candid lyrics, which describe a journey towards self-love, instantly resonated with the world, generating over 1M views in its first 24 hours. “This is about self-love and body acceptance for everyone. I want this song to a be a tool for people to realize how amazing they are and how liberating it is to accept yourself. This song is not meant to seek validation from other people’s opinions. It is about your own relationship with yourself and your own body.”

Now, JESSIA is ready more than ever to have a conversation. “When you listen to me, I want you to feel like you’re powerful and not alone,” she leaves off. “I write my songs to get me through the day and if it helps other people, that’s just the cherry on top. I want to talk about the rough stuff and be real.” JESSIA just dropped a remix of “I’m Not Pretty” with global superstar Bebe Rexha and is currently in the studio working on new music."