Sol Cat

Sol Cat is elastic guitars 'n' grooves combined with synths and croons out of Nashville, TN. Itʼs music that gets you dancing, music that gets you thinking, music that's informed as much by what's happening now as what happened decades ago.

Touring nationally with the likes of The Weeks, Soil & the Sun, Turbo Fruits, and more, Sol Cat has garnished fans of rock and pop in multiple markets. The 5 pieceʼs self-titled debut album appeared in February 2013 along with making an appearance at SXSW. An EP, Welcome to Cowabunga, that October received nods from many critics and journalists at CMJ. Two new singles, "Body Like That" and "Bread on the Table," hit YouTube with music videos during the summer of 2014, paving the way for a new EP and second album that's due out in 2015.

Artist Feature

When we announced the latest Feed The Beat line-up, we were beyond excited to include Nashville's Sol Cat. The year's been busy for them so far, what with their EP Uno coming out, making an appearance at Bonnaroo in this midst of criss-crossing the country, and their new EP Dos dropping in August, but they took a few moments to chat with us about tour life and testing out new music while out on the road:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Sol Cat in one sentence: We are 5 guys who are just like you.

You'll be out on the road again soon! What about these upcoming dates has you excited? We always vibe well when on the road with friends. We are happy to be playing alongside a lot of goods friends on these upcoming dates.

What is your favorite song to play? Are you playing any new songs this summer? Whichever song we most recently wrote. We are always playing new songs on the road to test them out before recording. Makes them more fun.

You guys spend a lot of time away from home, but Nashville is full of great music always. Do you find yourselves frequently checking out new music when you're not touring? We can't get away from new music. Even on off days on tour we are at shows. It's pretty interesting to see what different parts of the country have to offer. Little tribes on various degrees promoting their mindsets. Always good.