Allison Weiss

Just a year ago, Allison Weiss released her sophomore studio album, Say What You Mean, to universal acclaim. To say she's been keeping busy in that short time would be an understatement. Multiple U.S. tours including stints with Max Bemis (Say Anything), Austin Lucas, Candy Hearts and the Vans Warped Tour. Two European tours, first supporting The Front Bottoms and then Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, New Amsterdams). Somehow during all of that, she found the time to relocate to Los Angeles from Brooklyn. A move that certainly inspired and aided in the production of her new EP, Remember When.

“I moved to California in November and almost immediately started writing this EP," Weiss tells “It's a short collection of songs and ideas I'd been dwelling on for a while. “Giving Up" was the first one I started and the last one I finished. I couldn't settle on any of the lyrics, I couldn't make any decisions. Funny because that's sort of what the song is about. I always second guess myself, I never know if I'm making the right choice. It's easy to get frustrated and just want to disappear. This song is like that feeling, except you can dance to it."

Remember When is filled songs of nostalgia, hindsight and the constant struggle of expectations versus reality. Weiss's signature power-pop is still at the forefront but there's a new, subdued and laidback coloring to much of these songs. Even a heartbreaking and touching rendition of Robyn's dance floor classic, “Call Your Girlfriend," also graces the EP. One can easily imagine Weiss finding inspiration for these songs on a crisp California night with a group of friends gathered around a bonfire. Nights that music like this is created by and for.

Artist Feature

Allison Weiss is an incredibly upbeat human being - whether singing songs about love or heartbreak or friendship, she presents each track with a twinge of positivity and a smile. Weiss is out on the road for the summer, and just announced she'll be releasing the follow up to her album Say What You Mean this fall. Feed The Beat caught up with her and immediately started thinking about camping trips with Allison Weiss songs as the soundtrack...

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Allison Weiss in one sentence
I write super fun pop songs about super sad relationship stuff!

You're out on the road right now! What about these upcoming dates has you excited? I'm doing this run totally solo, meaning not only am I playing acoustic but I'm driving myself and tour managing myself. I've done it before, and my favorite part is that there are no rules. If I want to go to bed early, I can. If I wanna hang out all night, I can!

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? These days it's my camping gear. I like to be totally prepared for any sleeping situation. I still love to stay with friends and family on the road, and being able to comfortably sleep on any floor is a must.

What is your favorite song to play? Are you playing any new songs this summer? Right now it's probably "The Fall" from my latest EP Remember When, but I spent this past winter writing a new record and I think it's full of all my new favorites.

You just announced that you'll be releasing a new record this fall. What are you looking forward to the most about releasing new material? This next record is a step in a new direction for me! My songwriting is still what it's always been, but thanks to my dream team duo Bradley Hale and Forrest Kline, the production is soooo cool and interesting. I can't wait for people to hear it!