The Cadillac Three

The Cadillac Three's members include native Nashvillians Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray, who have been friends and musical co-conspirators since they were kids. They've weathered their wild teenage years and even wilder tours, weathered major label letdowns, major league triumphs and a major name change, conquered Music Row – Johnston co-wrote Keith Urban's #1 single “You Gonna Fly" – and crashed on the couches of strangers in far flung cities. These boys have seen more ups and downs than a Smoky Mountain tour guide.

But in spite of all the trials and tribulations – or perhaps because of them – The Cadillac Three have emerged with a sound all of their own, a sound that hovers between radio-ready country anthems, hard-and-heavy rock and traditional Southern folk. You could call it country fuzz, you could call it hipster-billy, you could call it any number of over-hyphenated, adjective-strewn things but when you boil it all down there's only one way to describe it: damn good music, as pure and refreshing as a country creek.

It's a sound that works as well in front of an amphitheater full of ZZ Top fans or the Dierks Bentley crowd as well as it does in the dive bars and dark corners of the underground music. Though, truth be told, The Cadillac Three's sound probably works best blaring out of your car speakers as you fly down the highway, wind blowing through your hair on the way to another wild Saturday night.

Built around Mason's thundering, melodic percussion and the sinewy intertwining of Johnston's guitar with Ray's lap steel, songs like “I'm Southern", “Days of Gold" and “Whiskey Soaked Redemption" on their self-produced debut bristle with energy and explode at a moments notice. Tracks like “Down to the River", “Get Your Buzz On" and “Back It Up" evoke the legends of Southern Rock – your Molly Hatchets, your Outlaws, your Ozark Mountain Daredevils – but they aren't nostalgic, aren't fetishistic reconstructions of by-gone eras. This the new sound of the New South, bigger and badder than ever.

Artist Feature

Country music is in an amazing place these days, and The Cadillac Three have some serious impact on it. Besides being fantastic songwriters on their own (these guys have written some massive hits for some massive stars!), together, they're currently tearing up the charts with their new single "White Lightning" - and Feed The Beat knows that it's just the start. About to embark on an awesome tour that'll guide them through the end of 2015, we had a few questions for these boys who know it's all about the south:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about The Cadillac Three in one sentence: We are 3 long haired guys born & raised in Nashville, Tn. that grew up on everything from Garth Brooks to Skynyrd to Nirvana & if you put that all together you get The Cadillac Three.

It seems like you guys have been on the road non-stop this year - playing your own shows, festival hopping, and playing with a lot of your friends. What are some of your favorite things about playing shows all across the country? Seeing other artist friends on the road is always fun & then just being in front of the crowds & hearing them singing along to all the songs is what makes touring the most fun.

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? Water & beer & whiskey & tequila & tacos.

The Cadillac Three just announced they'll be touring with Chase Rice later this year - seems pretty exciting! What else is in the near future for the band - will there be a new record out in 2015? We are finishing up our new record now & it will be out late this year or in early 2016, other than that its just staying on the road. We have shows booked almost through all of 2016 already everywhere from here in the US to Europe & we are going to Australia for the first time next year as well!

Touring is always great, but being home is pretty great, too - being based in Nashville, what do you find yourselves missing most while you're on the road? Just being at the house, seeing friends, eating at our favorite restaurants & taking it easy. Nashville is a great city & it's an awesome place to come back to.