The Chamanas

A fronterizo musical group based out of the border region of El Paso, Texas & Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua that sees itself as a metaphorical bridge for the area in which it resides. This group of 3, was established by Manuel Calderón in 2013, who invited Hector Carreon and Amalia Mondragón. With a proclivity towards sound experimentation and eclectic genre amalgamations, The Chamanas' unique sound is characterized by a mélange of latin rhythms and genres which range from, 70's Mexican pop, traditional latin rhythms and modern indie music concepts. The musical combinations the band is influenced by are underlined by a mellifluous softness, making its music easy to listen to. The Chamanas have shared the stage with various well established groups such as Enjambre, Zoe, Jarabe de Palo and have worked with Portugal. The Man.