The Karma Killers

The Karma Killers signed with Island Records in October of 2014. After two years of dedicated song writing and performing the band was ready to debut. The Karma Killers pride themselves on creating interesting new music that appeals to a variety of tastes. The band is heavily influenced by classic rock, punk rock, new wave and soul which has guided them to creating their alternative sound. The Karma Killers have signed with manager Zach Neil at New Gold Management and are recording their debut album with Shep Goodman and Aaron Accetta of Dirty Canvas Music. Their debut record is expected out in 2015 on Island Records

Artist Feature

New Jersey natives Micky, Mango, Billy and Josh are the guys that make up The Karma Killers. Priding themselves on creating new music that appeals to numerous musical tastes, they combine the styles of classic and punk rock with new wave and soul to create an alternative, night pop sound. They are currently out playing the entirety of Warped Tour for thousands of fans across the country and just released the music video for their single "Domino" listed on their debut EP. Feed The Beat caught up with them and saw exactly how being on the road impacts them.

Tell the Feed The Beat community about The Karma Killers in one sentence: Hmmmmm

You're on tour all summer long, hitting both coasts and everywhere in between! What are you most excited about for these dates? Meeting / interacting with kids

Being on the road and away from home for a whole summer can be rough... you guys are originally from New Jersey - is there anything you miss in particular while you're away? NYC

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour?Lots of clothes

Your debut EP Strange Therapy came out recently, which is awesome! What's been the coolest part about playing those songs live lately? Is there more new music we can expect this year? The kids reactions are the most exciting part about performing songs off of Strange Therapy. We feel as though we are sort of the "black sheep" of the tour. To witness their facial expressions and reactions to a sound they are not familiar with is satisfying to us. Either they dig the tunes or they don't, Feels like we're doing our job.