Chris Farren

Chris Farren is a singer/songwriter from Naples, FL. Along with a growing solo discography, he has released 3 albums with Fake Problems, and two with Antarctigo Vespucci - a fuzz power pop duo with Bomb The Music Industry's Jeff Rosenstock. Most recently, he collaborated with Tim Kasher (Cursive) for a split 7" available through Saddle Creek Records.

Artist Feature

We've known Chris Farren for a while now, and if we've learned anything from it, we learned this: Chris Farren is a punk celebrity, is a multi-faceted musician, and is the kind of friend you will be yelling "YEAH BABY!" with at every show. We chatted with him about what's next in the life of our dear friend and punk celeb:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about who Chris Farren is in one sentence: Hot guy with glasses making emotionally devastating music.

You're about to hit the road for the whole summer! What are you looking forward to the most? Touring is the best for me, I really never get sick of it. I love playing new places and seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. But to answer your question seriously I am most looking forward to waking up in random 5 star hotels and racking up some serious numbers on the peck deck in the hotel gym.

What's your favorite song from all of your assorted bands and solo albums that you play live? I love playing "where U are", which is kind of a newer solo song but people who have been coming to shows seem to know the words already, which is always exciting.

Was the transition from renowned "punk celebrity" to "fashion designer" tough? Everything I do is met with trials and tribulation and it is really a testament to my character how I am able to forge ahead and handle my many successes. I assume you are speaking of my "Smiths" shirt which is available in my web store now!

What are some bands that you're listening to that you think we should know about? Hard Girls, Museum Mouth, Jeff Rosenstock and Diners. Also all of the bands I'm in Antarctigo Vespucci and Fake Problems and me!!!!!!!!!