Cheat Codes

Long time friends, the three producers decided to create something fresh for the edm world. Coming from all backgrounds of music, hip hop, rock, folk, pop, Cheat Codes infuse live instrumentation into their dance records. An organic feel and a powerful vocal combined with the production of a dance anthem brings all genres and music fans from all walks of earth together.

CHEAT CODES hopes to inspire people around the world to do what they love and love what they do.

Artist Feature

There's something really amazing about seeing young musicians that are excited about making music and sharing it with the world, and that's exactly the case with Cheat Codes. We love their energy, their appreciation of all types of music, and their desire to keep growing. With the video for their song "Visions" just dropping, and the promise of new music and tour dates on the way, we talked with the guys to get the scoop on what they're about:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Cheat Codes in one sentence: Cheat Codes is here to spread one message to the world: life should be easy and fun.

What is your biggest "must have" while you're playing shows? We gotta have our iPhone's so we can take sweet pictures of the crowds!

Each member of Cheat Codes has been involved with music on many different levels before you all came together. What sorts of influences do you see coming through into the music you're making now? Kevin used to Rap, Trevor used to be in an acoustic project, and Matt used to be in a Synth Pop project, so all of these are definitely blended together at times.

We love classic music: Biggie, Tupac, NWA, The Beatles. We're also big fans of great producers such as Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Pharrell. As far as current electronic artists, we love Jack U, Major Lazer, Galantis, Kygo, The Chainsmokers.

When you produce your own music, it changes how you listen to other music. You're really listening to the mix, and the drum samples, and how their producing the vocals, ect. Every time we hear a new song that we love it becomes a learning experience for us.

Out of the tracks you've released so far, you've had a few guest features included (like Feed The Beat alumni Dresses!) - what about a song motivates you to bring another artist to the table? Knowing that there are three of you making the music already, are you always open to more collaboration? Yeah, we're always open to new collaborations. I think part of this stems from being genuine fans of all music. We really respect all artists doing their thing, and whenever we can blend their sound with ours it always comes out super unique. Dresses is a good example of how that happened. We got in the studio with them, started with chords on a guitar and did the production from there. We didn't really have a specific direction in mind, just let the vibes lead us.

You guys just dropped a brand new video for your song "Visions," and we're putting it on allll of our "end of summer" playlists in the office! What else should we expect from Cheat Codes in 2015? Any more new music or new tour dates? We have a new song coming out on Spinnin records in a few weeks! As well as a video for Adventure that features a lot of tacos. :)

Also we have a west coast tour booked for Late November. We'll be at the Shrine in L.A. as well as a bunch of other cool venues on the West Coast!