Kalin And Myles

The hip pop duo have taken over the U.S. on their headlining tour in support of their Dedication EP.Their new smash hit “Trampoline" is unstoppable!Following up with their fan favorite,Chase Dreams EP, the boys recorded 4 new feel-good anthems on the Dedication EP.“Trampoline" bounces along with a hip-hop groove and hummable hook,while kinetic energy punctuates “I Don't Really Care" produced by Jonas Jeberg.For “Dedication" and “You're The Only One I Need", KAM tapped the talents of songwriter and producer impresario Jim Jonsin, cooking up two of their most infectious cuts yet.

Artist Feature

With the temperature rising and the need for a summer playlist quickly becoming a necessity, Feed The Beat has been looking for the perfect summer song - and Kalin and Myles' "Trampoline" is a total contender! We talked with the boys about what they love about summer touring and what's coming next:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Kalin and Myles in one sentence: We are the turn up boiz chasing dreams!

You're playing a bunch of festivals and fairs this summer - what's your favorite part about playing to a big crowd? Our favorite part about performing to any crowd is the energy they give us! The more they give, the more we give! So it ends up being one big turn up competition. Haha! It's so much fun!

The video for "Trampoline" is everywhere lately! Is there another video in the works yet? Right now we have an idea in mind for our new song, Bassline. We're trying find time in everybody's schedule to make it happen. Stay tuned :)

While you guys are going from city to city, what is the biggest "must have" while you're traveling? When we are going from city to city Kalin's must have is a pillow for the plane rides! Myles' must have is his phone.

What's next for Kalin and Myles in 2015? In 2015, we'll be releasing new music and playing as many shows as we can!