Hundred Handed

Hundred Handed is Jordan McGraw singing and playing guitar, Drew Langan playing drums, and Matt Black playing bass. Drew and Jordan met on a national tour opening for the pop-punk band All Time Low. After that tour they became founding members of the band Stars In Stereo, touring as an active rock 4 piece opening for bands like Halestorm, Bush, Bullet for My Valentine. Now Hundred Handed is poised for greatness, having signed a major label deal in Australia after just one listen by the GM.

Artist Feature

Cue the confetti: Hundred Handed are here, and they're ready to have a blast making music. And isn't that what it's all about? One of the newest acts to join the Feed The Beat family, the newly minted band just released their debut single and are excited to take the next step of creating a sound that they genuinely enjoy. We talked with the band about where they came from and why good people are the most important part of touring:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Hundred Handed in one sentence: We're all about that feeling you used to get sneaking out of your parents' house to go somewhere you weren't supposed to.

Your music is very upbeat and exciting - at least what we've heard so far! Tell us about your first single "Love Me Like The Weekend": This is the first song we recorded as a band. We wrote it with and amazing artist (also part of Feed the Beat!) by the name of The Golden Hippie. For us, it comes from the feeling of being stuck in other musical endeavors that just didn't afford us the right to have as much fun as you're supposed to when you're making music. So this song, simply put, is just about loving every day like you don't have a worry in the world... Like it's Saturday!

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? Good people. We're lucky to be able to share what we love to do with people all around the world. Whether it be the crew, the fans, us in the band... If you're doing this with and for good people... it can NEVER be a bad thing. That and whiskey.

The band came together after each of you had been involved in other projects. What is most exciting about this new venture? What kind of influences are you all bringing to the table? The most exciting part of this new venture is that, before we even played a note together as Hundred Handed, we agreed that we would always keep with us the excitement of being in our first bands with the experience that we've been fortunate enough to gain on the road and in the studio with our other endeavors. The excitement is first and most important... Without that there's no passion behind the music. Our influences?! Those are all over the board... From Blink-182 to Daft Punk and Slipknot to John Mayer. It's about finding out what about those artists make our hearts beat faster and giving it to people in our language.

If we were looking at a crystal ball... would would we see coming in the future for Hundred Handed? A sea of people covered in confetti.