Getting "Aggressive" with Beartooth!

Celebrating their brand new record

There's a new Beartooth record out in the world, and we KNEW we needed to celebrate it! On their June 3rd release date, Beartooth was scheduled to play an intimate show at the historic Roxy in Los Angeles - but before they hit the stage, the Taco Bell truck rolled up to their record label's offices for a party!

If you know Beartooth, you know their whole crew loves Taco Bell, and they've been in the Feed The Beat program for years, so we knew they would absolutely love to have some tacos before their show. We hung out with the band and a huge group of close friends and colleagues and had a total blast.

Here are a few photos from the celebration, and from the show, that we couldn't wait to share with you!

Thanks to Taco Bell for sharing all the goods, Red Bull Records for having us, and to Beartooth for being awesome as always!

Take a listen to the new album Aggresive here: