Allison Weiss & Chris Farren in: a Taco Bell mini-doc!

Great music from our friends in this great story

Every now and then, Feed The Beat artists get the really cool opportunity to have their music in any number of Taco Bell creations - Snapchat stories, exciting commercials, and even documentaries. In this case? Feed The Beat alumni Allison Weiss and Chris Farren shared their songs with the whole WORLD in the new Taco Bell mini-documentary Leader Of The Beefy Crunch Movement! As you watch the story of Richard Axton and his online movement, you can hear three tracks on the background: Allison Weiss' "The Sound" and Chris Farren's "Everything's My Fault" and "Human Being".

The best part is... those songs you hear from the lovely Chris Farren are UNRELEASED TRACKS from his forthcoming solo album! We miiiight have heard the full versions of "Everything's My Fault" and "Human Being" already, and we can tell you this: it's going to be a GREAT record!

In the meantime, you can get a sneak peak by watching this sweet story of the tale of a man and his movement to make the America have Beefy Crunch Burritos again. Enjoy!