On The Road: A Tour Blog from Glass Mansions

The Burritour was an obvious success!

There are hundreds of bands in the Feed The Beat program, and hundreds of them are on tour over the course of each year. Sometimes, we get to do really cool stuff with these musicians when this happens, from bringing the Taco Bell truck to their shows, sending a few extra gift cards over, to just simply talking about what their life on the road is like.

When Glass Mansions joined the program, they made it known that they were EXCITED about being a part of Feed The Beat, and the love was mutual. So when they let us know that they were calling their summer tour THE BURRITOUR, well... we had to have them tell us all about it.


Working with Feed the Beat has been one long, amazing taco-infused daydream that all started when we got our gift cards in the mail. It was a moment we needed to sit down for and rest our heads on this pillow of hot sauce glory.

Our bags were packed, the trailer was loaded, and the tour dates were set, putting us out on the road away from our homes in South Carolina out to Texas and back on a 17 day run of shows that we very lovingly called THE BURRITOUR. It sounded like we would be eating burritos every tour stop.. and that sounded like a challenge.. and well, challenge accepted.

Photobooths are SO much fun and we always have one at our local shows. This photo was taken amidst the trouble we were stirring up in our homebase of Columbia, SC during our Ladypalooza Kickoff show. It was a really rad night for supporting female artists and super fun way to kick things off.

Our third night of tour took us to Greenville, SC at one of our most favorite bars to play - Radio Room. This Taco Bell sign mysteriously appeared on stage right before our set. Was it an omen? Were the Taco Bell gods watching? Was someone in trouble for stealing this sign? We didn't know the answers, but our fans know us well - this was the grand opening of our tour and the moment called for a grand sign and a grand time.

Badass drum head cover? Check.

You don't know what you've got till it's gone. Blake forgot his TB gift cards in the van at this stop - however, he did NOT forget his skills and won a burrito at the try-your-luck penny/quarter machine on the first try. Color me jealous.

This photo is foggin awesome thanks to the fun people of St Louis. We played STL for the first time in March, during our SXSW tour, and we were totally overwhelmed with love from so many great new people. That's one of the BEST things about touring - playing new markets and getting to meet people in cities you've never even been to outside of touring.

Making new friends in new cities can be so easy sometimes… but when you do get the cold shoulder from a new friend, you have to use tacos to persuade/win their love.

17 days on the road…and 17 days where 2 out of 3 and sometimes 3 out of 3 of our daily meals came from Taco Bell.. that's a lot of diablo sauce to burn off. Our drummer Rodney jumped out of the van with his skateboard at every stop so he could make the most of his "gnar time," which consisted of siiiick tricks brah and.. well, refueling with Frito Burritos.

I spent any downtime I had filming and editing footage for a documentary I'm making on being in a DIY indie band. I took this quick snap of myself in a venue bathroom before our soundcheck. My tank says, "trouble maker" - and it's not lying.

Part of our kickass merch display in Dallas.

When new fans hear about you being a Feed the Beat artist and they try to buy a shirt using Taco Bell bucks… it MAY have worked.

Patrick sweating it out onstage. He may have been in the middle of a gnarly guitar solo here. He also may have worn this shirt every night on tour… Fun fact: this shirt used to be white. #tourlife // photo: D. Salberg Imaging

The best thing about Taco Bell is that they are always open late. That little neon bell in the late night sky is like the bat signal for us touring musicians. Our live show is very fun and high energy, so after each show we were always starving circa 2am - and TB was always there for us with the after party.

Blake in all his two keyboard, guitar, bass, multi-instrumentalist electro-pop glory. // photo: D. Salberg Imaging

One of the COOLEST tour moments happened at Nomad's in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This rad little bar heard about Feed the Beat and our Burritour coming through and their insane mixologist bartenders got to work creating a Taco Bell cocktail especially for us and our fans! HOW COOL IS THAT? And it was delicious! The Burritour Margarita: with Taco Bell hot sauce, mangos, and habanero! Talk about living más!

That's a wrap! Or should we say crunch wrap supreme? We apologize for all the bad taco jokes and terrible puns/dad jokes - but we DON'T apologize for the amazing time we had on our Burritour. This epic shot was taken at our last stop in Charleston, SC. We are very excited to get back out on the road with the release of our upcoming EP. Follow us on social media (@glassmansions) and let's connect in your city! Thanks Feed the Beat for the happiness. // photo: D. Salberg Imaging


Jayna, Blake, Patrick & Rodney


And of course, what better way to wrap than with a tour recap video? Take a look!