Grace Mitchell Is All Right

Getting to know Grace Mitchell and her new track Kids (Ain't All Right)

[Photo: Will Nixon]

We've been following Los Angeles based musician Grace Mitchell for a while, from joining the ranks of Feed The Beat a couple years ago to the release of her dance inducing hit "NoLo." We had the opportunity to sit down with Grace in New York City recently, just before her musical return with "Kids (Ain't All Right)" the rocking first single from her forthcoming debut album.

The track immediately punches the listener in the face with an anthemic blend of genres. "I'm starting to move sonically in more of an alternative rock direction for this upcoming album," Mitchell says explaining a sonic departure. "It was kind of electronic and we incorporated some acoustic elements. I don't know how to describe it — it's pop music."

It's clear that Grace Mitchell has taken some time to develop her sound. She honed her craft in the early days by recording acoustic demos with her former Portland neighbor Richard Swift (The Shins, Damien Jurado, David Bazan). Mitchell recalls those early sessions, "doing acoustic demo stuff was never the intention, but I didn't have the supplies to be doing big records. I really got into GarageBand when i was a kid and started doing a little production myself and that's when I started being interested in fleshing out the sound of production"

"The process of writing, and being in the studio, and having writing sessions and meeting new people, and getting to know other creative people feels very natural. In the beginning it was a super weird process because you go into a space, they ask you to divulge everything intimate about yourself, and then you make music together. That was hard, but it became very fluid over time."

Natural may be the best way to describe Grace's new sound. Brimming with confidence and buzzing with experimental electronic instrumentation, "Kids (Ain't All Right)" hits you in a different way than her prior singles. "I was trying to figure out more contemporary ways to think about [my sound] in an abstract way," she tells us, "but it all started gravitating more and more towards rock— straight rock." And she is definitely championing the rock anthem here. With hard hitting guitar riffs, the song recalls 90's icons like Garbage, Nirvana and PJ Harvey. But the song still sounds distinctly like a Grace Mitchell track, infused with the electronic sonics that hooked us in the first place.

Mitchell has an exciting year ahead. With an appearance at Coachella on the horizon and a new album imminent, she's clearly keeping busy. "I want to go on tour forever" she quips, elaborating on the importance of performing her music live. "I make a point of really trying to connect with fans — especially when I'm on stage. I like to find someone in the audience who seems to be on edge, because it reads all over their face. It's a whole process you can see in their eyes, and i'll try to connect with that person. I want everyone to have a great time."

"My name is Grace.
My music is loud.
I like everything, and my music does too."

Check out the new live video for "Kids (Ain't All Right)" below