PREMIERE: KING NEPTUNE'S "Everyone Is Falling In Love"

We're premiering King Neptune's new track "Everyone Is Falling In Love" just in time for Valentine's Day

King Neptune should be on everyone's radar. Formerly of NGHBRS, New York-based Ian Kenny (known now as King Neptune) delivers a unique brand of singer-songwriter sensibilities to his pop-laden tracks, billowing with driving drums and catchy guitar riffs.

"King Neptune is a nod back to how I started writing songs" he tells us. "When my old band departed, I wanted to hone in on my craft for songwriting. It calls back everything from my love for British rock bands like Oasis with the song structuring and early sentiment of Johnny Cash."

In his new track "Everyone Is Falling In Love," these elements are at their strongest. There's an innate sense of self-reflection and romantic introspection on the track, premiering just in time for Valentine's Day. Started as a Garageband demo, the song calls his current personal climate to attention. "It's about getting into your mid-20's and all of your friends are starting to get married and settle down. I'm just not on that page in my life."

"All my friends are gone / They chose to fall in love / Everyone is falling in love," he coos as if overwhelmed by the thought, laying this personal realizations on the line for the listener.

In many ways, King Neptune pens these realizations as a lyrical archivist, capturing snapshots from his life past and present through his music. "I journal my day every single day. I'm very self-aware of everything I've been through in my life and I like to go back through those notes and apply them to music."

As we anxiously await the new EP due out this Spring, stream "Everyone Is Falling In Love" below.