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Life on the road with Feed The Beat fam Tennis System

There are hundreds of bands in the Feed The Beat program, and hundreds of them are on tour over the course of each year. Sometimes, we get to do really cool stuff with these musicians when this happens, from bringing the Taco Bell truck to their shows, sending a few extra gift cards over, to just simply talking about what their life on the road is like.

When we heard Tennis System was hitting the road with Feed The Beat family Partybaby and Potty Mouth and following it up with a run featuring Envy On The Coast, we made sure they chronicled the action. Get a glimpse of life on the road with Tennis System from Brooklyn to SXSW to Seattle below...

First stop on tour was Taco Bell. We had sat in traffic for nearly 2.5 hours due to flooding from the gnarly rains and were starving...not to mention dying to try the Naked Chicken Chalupa. #feedthebeat

After the show in Sam's hometown, Kansas City, we were driving to get some late night food when I noticed these fountains. I immediately stopped the van and we all got out and ran to them. We took turns running through them trying to dodge the water and managed to capture this photo just before said madness.

Nestor caught us being anti-socia! Haha, we're actually all working here and, as you can see, in the zone. Shoutout to Blue For these amazing headphones that helped us focus on only what was in our ears and in front of our eyes.

My buddy Scott made this amazing shirt and, coincidentally, while walking down the street in Brooklyn we came across the sticker on the streets. Stand up people and "Fight Back!"

This stuffed animal gang was epic. At first they gave us a really hard time about taking a photo together, but eventually lightened up once Sam started talking to them. He has such a way with words.

After our set in Boston, Converse invited us to their headquarters. They have an amazing studio set-up as well a killer view. They blessed us with some fresh new kicks, as seen here. This photo was actually taken at a rest stop just before we got back to New York from Boston. We were starving so we pulled off and fed the beat.

Okay, if you don't know what this place is, I'm very sorry. I will say, however, you're welcome.

As we made our way to Austin, we had a few days off in-between. The boys had never been to N'Orleans so we made a pit stop. We caught up with my dear friend, Benjy Ferree, and he showed us around town. We went IN on some food getting crawfish, pig feet, corn, potatoes, shrimp, a 36" po'boy and some General Tso's chicken! We ended the evening with beignet and coffee at Cafe Du Monde. It was EPIC!

The moment we arrived in Austin, we had run out of favorite drink, Yerba Mate. Luckily for us, Guayaki was there and laced us with enough mate to make it through the remaining portion of tour.

The Spotify House was definitely one of our favorite places to go during SXSW. The vibes there were perfect. Good people, great music, amazing food and an overall chill/relaxing atmosphere. If you've been to SXSW you know that this is nearly impossible to find.

We ran into our dude, Crocodiles, at Hotel Vegas and pretty much spent every day together. These dudes rule and we had such a killer time together.

This is Bobby Liebling. I couldn't believe I saw him on the streets of Austin just chillin. Naturally, I had to be that guy and get a photo with him. If you don't know who he is, shame on you...now hop on google and listen!!

So we hit Barton Springs while in Austin. It was 98 degrees this day and the cold spring was just what we needed. On our way out, we made sure to give thanks to the Barton Bros.

Rule number one on tour...there are no Fucking rules. So we decided to do facemasks to hydrate are gnarly ass faces after having fried in that Austin sun!

This was the last night of tour in Seattle with the homies Envy on The Coast & Oxymorons. It was a heavy night, as everyone went extra hard on stage because we knew it was the last one. Shout out to these dudes for being so kind to us. It's always a bummer when tour ends, but it's also exciting to make new friends and have the memories fueling you to continue to work hard so you can find yourself back on the road!

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