Exclusive Video: Microwave's "Labor Day," Acoustic

Who doesn't love a good video session in a park?

There's something about an acoustic take of a song that can blow you out of the water, if all of the factors align - and with Microwave, this park session of "Labor Day" hits everything on the list!

"We had a great time hanging out with our friends in California last May," said lead singer Nathan Hardy. "We found a nice secluded turtle swamp to post up in and pound some strings." "Labor Day" is one of our favorite songs off of Stovall, subtly intense and full of emotion, and to hear it stripped down like this... well, it's safe to say that now we love it even more. Take a look:

Nathan also threw in that he was dedicating the song to the Feed The Beat crew: "This song goes out to our fellow Taco Bell disciples. May your hunger be fierce and quickly satisfied." Hear, hear, Nathan.

You can listen to Microwave's debut album Stovall below, and can catch them on the road with fellow Feed The Beat artists You Blew It! and Sorority Noise this summer: