DREAMERS share the wealth

Feed The Beat, Feed The Street!

When a band is selected to join the Feed The Beat program, we reiterate one of the big things that makes this program what it is: there are no strings attached. Brooklyn's DREAMERS took this idea and ran with it, making a video of their adventures sharing the Taco Bell love out in Venice Beach. We thought it was pretty awesome and wanted to share it with you!

Here's what the band had to say about the experience: We are always looking for ways to throw some positivity out into the universe, it's one of our biggest reasons for wanting to play music and make art in the first place. Music has such an intangible power in bringing people together and showing us that we're all in this together. The funny thing about doing something for others is that you feel really good as you do it, and after. If everyone was always doing good deeds, small or big, then everyone would feel better and the world would be that much better.

When we got $500 dollars worth of Taco Bell, our first reaction was excitement and appreciation for a company doing something nice for a bunch of bands. Then we shifted to thinking about how we could include people in the experience and make some people happy with what we won. We had the idea the five the gift cards out to people on the streets- homeless people, or anyone along the way. We decided to give 100 tacos out rather than just gift cards in case there wasn't a Taco Bell nearby. It turned out to be an amazing experience. The people we gave tacos or gift cards to were really appreciative and often the folks we gave the tacos to would look out for their friends and ask for additional tacos to help their people out. They shared stories, connected with a smile, and many gave us their blessings. This was a reminder to us to always remember to pay it forward. When we get something nice, let's share, and with that- we get to feel connected to people and feel better about ourselves.

We love that DREAMERS took the time out of their schedule to share this act of kindness, and are glad to have them as a part of the Feed The Beat family!