Bands On Tour: You Blew It!, Sorority Noise, Microwave

When Feed The Beat bands tour together... it gets crazy

This past Friday night in Brooklyn, some of the Feed The Beat crew found themselves in a tiny sold out venue in Brooklyn, surrounded by 275 other people waiting excitedly for the night's line-up. And let us be the first to tell you... that excitement only grew as the night went on.

The crowd was there for a short tour featuring You Blew It!, Sorority Noise, and Microwave - all up & coming bands in their scene, and all bands that are a part of Feed The Beat! We were pretty stoked to see this crew play.

Kicking off the night was Microwave, who are part of the newest class of FTB bands and just recently announced signing to a new label, which is awesome! They played songs off their debut album Stovall, and teased that perhaps we'd hear some new music on a split in the near future.

(Microwave are currently one of our Featured Artists, so don't miss reading their interview!)

Next up were Sorority Noise, whose Joy, Departed dropped earlier this year to lots of love from folks across all genres.

And finally, You Blew It! took the stage to wrap up the killer night.

While this tour may be over, it doesn't mean you won't see these bands on the road this fall:

You Blew It! are headed on the road with Feed The Beat alumni The Wonder Years and State Champs,

Sorority Noise join Feed The Beat friends Knuckle Puck,

and Microwave will be touring with fellow Feed The Beat artists Have Mercy and Transit!