On The Road: A Photo Blog from Old Wounds

Ever wanted to go on tour? Here's your chance to check it out

Old Wounds, from L-R: Brandon Gallagher (drums), Michael Weintraub (bass), Zak Kessler (guitar), Kevin Iavaroni (vocals), Larry (Road Dog)

There are hundreds of bands in the Feed The Beat program, and hundreds of them are on tour over the course of each year. Sometimes, we get to do really cool stuff with these musicians when this happens, from bringing the Taco Bell truck to their shows, sending a few extra gift cards over, to just simply talking about what their life on the road is like.

When Old Wounds joined the program earlier this year, they made it known that they were EXCITED about being a part of Feed The Beat - and honestly, we were pretty excited to have 'em! We were talking to Brandon, Old Wounds' drummer, about the band's touring schedule when the topic of gathering up some photos of their latest adventure came up. We knew we had to say "yes!" to sharing their experience because the Old Wounds crew are some of the most energetic and talented folks out there. Their latest album The Suffering Spirit just dropped in June, and the band were in the van for the long haul to support it - take a look at some of the photos they grabbed as they hit the west coast for the first time in over a year!

All photos by Old Wounds, all commentary by Brandon Gallagher

This was from the first day of tour. Look how clean and well groomed we all look.

Despite the 110 degree weather and blistering sun, we hung out in some cool graveyards in New Orleans. It's awesome how they're all buried above ground. Definitely makes for some interesting landscapes.

We played Vegas for the first time ever. Every time we've ever played in Nevada, it's been Reno. We got to play a house covered in graffiti and show posters with a half pipe inside. Afterwards we had to go out and gamble. This picture was taken at 5:53 in the morning when we had a friend come and pick our broke selves off the strip.

Sports Goth. When that becomes a thing, just know that Old Wounds did it first.

The Pacific Northwest straight up has some of the most beautiful scenery in the US.

Dust storms in Kansas are no joke.

Hot Sauce art. Get into it.

One of the best parts about going on tour is all of the cool animals we get to hang out with.

For some reason, every time we play Florida we get one of these in the mail. Seriously, this is our 4th unpaid toll bill we've gotten in the mail.

Sometimes when we're on tour we get to meet up with old friends from New Jersey who no longer live in New Jersey.

We spent a lot of time in graveyards.

A lot of time in grave yards…

We spent a large majority of our summer with Axis and Of Feather and Bone. Two incredible bands, both musically, and as people. If you ever have a chance to see these bands, DO IT.