Alumni Wisdom With: JR JR

From Dale Earnhardt JR JR to simply JR JR, they've been Feeding The Beat for years!

Did you know that the Taco Bell sauce packets are called "wisdoms"? That's a lot of wisdom going around! So we were thinking... who has more wisdom than our Feed The Beat family? With a whole new group of musicians about to join the program (bringing our total number of artists to OVER A THOUSAND!), there seems to be no better time to re-introduce you to some Feed The Beat artists of the past. The first band in this new series series is no other than JR JR, formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr:

We've loved having JR JR as a part of the program over the years! Not only do we love their music, but we've had a total blast having them play our parties, featuring them in some of our favorite Taco Bell moments, and just plain hangin' out with 'em.

JR JR play Conflict of Interest at Hype Hotel presented by Feed The Beat, SXSW 2012

We borrowed a bit of their precious time recently (when you go through a name change AND you're planning a tour AND you're getting ready to release your third album, your time is a hot commodity!), and they answered some of our burning questions:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about JR JR in one sentence: Two Midwestern gentlemen, making art in the basement.

The band recently went through a name change, shifting from Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr to JR JR - you wrote up a fantastic letter to your fans (and the world at large) about the process that you went through to get to JR JR. Was the reaction what you imagined? It was surprisingly well received. Unless nobody really knows yet? Dale Jr's reaction was really warm and unexpected.

With a change in name, do you feel like it's a whole new adventure out there for the band? It really does. It feels like we kicked a spotlight hogging, non-contributing member out of the band.

Tell us about your newest song "Gone" - it's the first music we're hearing from self-titled record you'll be releasing this fall. Any hints on what to expect from it? It's the 3rd part in a series that began with "It's a Corporate World" and then "The Speed Of Things". Just realized how wonderful writing "JR JR" will be after putting out lengthy titled works previously. The new album is more in line with what our vision has always been than ever.

JR JR has been a part of the Feed The Beat program for a few years now. How has that experience been for the band? It's been great. Mostly because the people who run the program are really great humans. They're really fun to hang with, and that makes you think about the program positively.

You even had your song "Morning Thought" featured in a Taco Bell commercial, which is pretty awesome! Was it surreal to hear that song on TV? It was! Especially because it aired during the MLB playoffs, and our hometown Tigers happened to be playing.

With a new record, a new tour, and a "new" name, there's a lot going on for JR JR. What's the rest of 2015 (and maybe even 2016!) look like for you? Anything in particular you're super excited for? We are excited to go to some places we haven't seen. And to go back to some places we have. It's been long enough since we toured that we are excited to get back at it.

Alright, lastly, we've got to ask... what's your favorite Taco Bell menu item? Grilled stuffed burrito. Always add potatoes. It's incredible.

You can catch JR JR on the road supporting their upcoming album this fall!