Alumni Wisdom With: Modern Baseball

What's going on with MoBo these days?

Photo Credit: Jess Flynn

Did you know that the Taco Bell sauce packets are called "wisdoms"? That's a lot of wisdom going around! So we were thinking... who has more wisdom than our Feed The Beat family? With a whole new group of musicians about to join the program (bringing our total number of artists to OVER A THOUSAND!), there seems to be no better time to re-introduce you to some Feed The Beat artists of the past, and have them share some "wisdoms" of their own. Read on:

The time is winter 2014. The Feed The Beat crew are hard at work trying to stay warm / trying to find the next musician to fall in love with. Enter Philadelphia's Modern Baseball: the band's sophomore release You're Gonna Miss It All has just been released and suddenly, we're overwhelmed with happiness (and warmth!), singing along to "Your Graduation" at the top of our lungs. (Ed. Note: Trust us, we're not nearly good at performing it as the band is.) When the next round of submissions for the program opened, Modern Baseball were right there! And we were happy to have them join Feed The Beat that spring.

Fast forward to today. Modern Baseball has spent the last year and a half touring non-stop, spreading their extremely personal songwriting and catchy-as-heck tunes all across the country and the world, and their fan base has exploded. With live sets that just don't quit, and just the right amount of covers of The Killers, the era of MoBo is definitely in effect.

They also just released a brand new video for one of our favorite tracks on the record, "Rock Bottom":

Leading up to the massive fall tour that they'll kick off on October 27th, we stole a few moments of their time to ask some questions about new music, being on a Taco Bell box, their psychic prowess, and duh, touring.

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Modern Baseball in one sentence: Four twenty-something friends just trying to make it through the ups and downs of life. Just with nicer apartments...

The fall tour you have planned is pretty insane - fellow Feed The Beat friends PUP and Jeff Rosenstock are joining you, and it's taking you all across the country. Are you looking forward to hitting the road with these equally awesome musicians? Are there any surprises or sweet covers that we can look forward to? We are so excited. This is a tour that we have kept quiet for a long time now and even just to be able to talk about it makes us jump for joy. Lots of new and old friends finally getting to play some shows together. A ton of shows, actually. No surprises yet, but I'm sure by the first week some craziness will stir. Something tells me this tour is going to be wild.

Your hectic touring schedule has brought you to a lot of places around the world over the last year and a half - was there anything you've experienced or learned that really stuck out? To me, being able to see so many places, meet so many different people and do it with such close friends has taught me to really appreciate everything so much more. I could get really into this but I'm just gonna keep it simple. Thanks again to everyone who supports us. ✌️♥️✌

Modern Baseball joined the Feed The Beat program in 2014. How has that experience been for the band so far? Awesome, we love it! It's been very ful-FILLING!

Earlier this year, Taco Bell rolled out the Feed The Beat Big Box, whose design featured a Modern Baseball "mixtape" - what was that like? (We know WE were pretty excited!) Honestly, it was pretty crazy. I was getting messages from friends from elementary school to college that were sending me pics of the box. My brother said he bought a ton when he found out, haha.

The Spring 2015 Taco Bell Feed The Beat Big Box

The band has clearly been on the road a lot since the release of You're Gonna Miss It All - what does that mean for writing music? All fans got a taste of something new with "Revenge of the Nameless Ranger" coming out this month, but can we cross our fingers for more coming soon? It's been hard in the past to write on the road, but I think we are slowly moving past that. Jake and I have been writing at our own pace, as always, and thus we have a few surprises planned for the fall.

If you had a crystal ball, what would it tell you about the future of Modern Baseball? Something about beating Sorority Noise in basketball?! Something about October (spooooky)!?! Also... Something About Mary.

And finally, we have to ask... what's your favorite Taco Bell menu item? Shout out to the: Shredded Chicken Quesarito, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Smothered and XXL Burritos, any of the Grillers, the classic Chicken Quesadilla and finally, Baja Blast.

Honestly? That's a solid list that we can't disagree with.

You can catch Modern Baseball on tour this fall with fellow Feed The Beat artists PUP and Jeff Rosenstock: