Exclusive Interview: ROAM

Back on tour in the US!

When ROAM joined the Feed The Beat roster this fall, we could feel their enthusiasm from across the pond! These UK lads have been on tour non-stop this year, and their plans were bringing them to the United States soon - obviously, their excitement about hitting up Taco Bell on tour was definitely real. With their debut album dropping in January (and an awesome track to hold us over 'till then), we chatted with the band about their influences, tour plans, and the need for an excess of clean socks on the road:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about ROAM in one sentence: We're a pop punk band from the south coast of the UK.

Backbone, your debut full length, will come out in 2016 - congrats! What were you thinking about when putting this record together? Were there any things you feel you wanted to accomplish with it? We wanted to step everything up in a big way, from production ideas to songwriting we knew we needed to step everything up to make a really memorable debut album. It's easy to just write more of the same songs but I think that's not enough to really make a difference with your first album.

When you first hear Roam, it's clear that you all grew up listening to some pop-punk heavyweights. Were there any influences from that scene you felt like you pulled from when you started creating this new album? Were there any influences that people would be surprised to hear have a place on the record? Definitely, we looked back to bands like Sum 41 & Simple Plan during the writing of this album to really get to the roots of the music we loved. I think some of the weirder influences for the album were probably Shakira and Eminem, haha!

With a great new crop of bands in this genre out there, what peers of yours in this scene are you most excited about? Really excited about a band called WSTR from the UK, they only formed this year and have already achieved so much so we're very stoked for them. Another band would be The Holiday, they're from our town and are writing some great songs right now.

The first track you've released from Backbone, "Deadweight", features Matt Wilson of Set Your Goals (a Feed The Beat alumni band!). How did you get involved with Matt? The guy who owned the studio we were working in used to tour with Set Your Goals as a sound guy, and one day he just suggested we get Matt to feature on a track and we were all stoked about it. He sent a few texts, and a few weeks later Matt hooked up with Rian Dawson from All Time Low to record the part in California.

You're about to kick off a co-headlining tour here in the States (featuring another newcomer to the Feed The Beat Family, Broadside!) - this isn't your first tour here, but it's your first time headlining. What is the energy like in the band as you prepare for this run? What are you most excited about with these dates? The energy was great, we were really excited to get back out here and see some more of the US. We didn't get a lot of time to explore last time so it's definitely a priority this time.

What are your tour must haves? A few tour must haves would have to be a decent pair of headphones to shut everyone out, a laptop to watch some films on the long drives, and more pairs of socks than god. (Unless he's rocking sandals.. but I bet he wears socks AND sandals.)

As you move forward as a band, with a new record and some great tours, what do you want fans - both new and old - to walk away from when they see you play a show? Eventually we'd love to make our shows more than just music, not 100% sure how yet but working on some ideas and I'm definitely excited to find out.

Backbone, Roam's debut album, is out on January 22nd 2016 via Hopeless Records.

You can catch ROAM on the road right now, along with fellow Feed The Beat band Broadside.