Exclusive Video: Behind The Scenes with Broadside

Their video for "Come & Go" drops today!

There is a long and storied history of what is referred to as "pop-punk" music - sometimes it's poppy, sometimes it's more punk leaning, and sometimes you can find the perfect blend of all it's aspects. We're pretty lucky that Broadside joined the Feed The Beat program this year, because they're that perfect blend of all things pop-punk that we love! These Virginia musicians have been working hard since they began in 2010, touring the country and crafting a sound that pays homage to their chosen genre while staying true to their own individual vibes. They released their latest album Old Bones earlier this year and we've been finding new songs to pick as our favorite with each listen.

The band's newest video, "Come & Go", is full of that excellent sound we fell in love with on Old Bones, alongside some serious skating - yeah, you read that right: ROLLER skating. Ollie Baxxter, Broadside's vocalist, let us know what went into the making of their roller skating adventure:

"The majority of us have never been on a pair of roller-skates, we are more comfortable with skateboards, so we knew this was going to be a fun challenge. For the video, we thought about doing something like a 1970's roller rink party, or an old-school battle of the bands, but we finally agreed that it would be cool to 100% have our asses kicked. With that in mind, we headed to Milwaukee and met with the ladies of the Brew City Bruisers, a group of gals who are very talented and passionate (about kicking ass), and it shows in this video."

With the full video premiering today, Ollie and the Broadside crew gave us a look behind-the-scenes of how they made "Come & Go":

Besides giving us this video peak, we also got to take a look at some photos they grabbed throughout filming!
(Cue the part of "Come & Go" that goes: Memories in the night that I can't shake / Polaroids in my bed reflecting better days)

You can read our recent Artist Feature on Broadside here: http://bit.ly/BSidefeat

You can also check out the official video for "Come & Go" right now:

Broadside are currently on the road with fellow Feed The Beat artist Roam, and will join Feed The Beat alumni State Champs and Transit for a string of holiday shows:

You can listen to Broadside's latest record Old Bones here: