Video Premiere: Better Off, "Dresser Drawer"

Sing along while the cover of Milk comes to life

When we welcomed Better Off into the Feed The Beat program earlier this year, we were pretty stoked! Over the last year or so, we've watched Better Off (Luke Granered, Jon Dalman, Charles Miller, and Hunter Walls) play shows across the country with bands we know and love (like Feed The Beat alumni New Found Glory, Real Friends, and The Early November), which was a great indicator of their talent. Once we heard their music and felt what they were all about, though, we were hooked on what made Better Off... Better Off. Their incredibly catchy hooks, deeply felt lyrics, and genuine authenticity come through clear as day on the band's most recent release, Milk, and it was love at first listen (and second listen, and third listen...).

Nothing gets us more pumped than when the artists we work with really dive into their creativity (and have a nice sense of humor, too), so it didn't surprise us that when we got to take a peek at the new video for "Dresser Drawer" - one of our favorite songs off Milk! - we were super excited to have the chance to premiere it.

Without further ado, Feed The Beat is happy to present the video for Better Off's "Dresser Drawer":

Along with the video, we spoke with the band about what feelings the video plays off of, the excitement of releasing a new record, and what the new year will bring:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Better Off in one sentence: Better Off is a rock band from Nashville, TN that craves the perfect riff.

"Dresser Drawer" comes from your sophomore album Milk, which you released earlier this year and have been touring on over the last few months. What's been the coolest part about releasing these new songs? Is there a certain moment in the Milk adventure so far that's been a major highlight? Playing new songs is refreshing, but the highlight of releasing a record is to us is watching where it goes/who will listen to it. It's exciting and nerve wracking.

Was there something that drew you to make a video for "Dresser Drawer" specifically? We chose "Dresser Drawer" because it felt like a strong summation of our style of music. It's also one of our favorites off the record.

Was there something in particular that made you bring the cover of your record to life? The idea for a living sandwich came from Darren King, who directed the video. We loved the cartoon-ish vibe paired with the somber lyrics. Two extremes makes the whole video more interesting.

What's next for Better Off? As 2015 wraps up, we're betting that 2016 is going to be a big one for you guys... any hints? 2016 is going to be a lot of touring for us. But hopefully we can get another smaller release in also! We're excited to continue rocking. are we! It has been awesome to see Better Off grow in just the last few months, and we can't wait to see what 2016 brings for them!

You can listen to Better Off's newest album Milk here: