Favorite Things of 2015: Volume 4

Reflecting on the awesome things

It's safe to say that 2015 has been a C R A Z Y year for everyone here at Feed The Beat - in all the best ways! We welcomed 200 new artists to the program, got to watch tons of awesome bands in so many awesome cities, we threw three intimate parties with Pandora Radio, celebrated the first ever Taco Bell pop-up container store in Austin... we could keep going, but we'll wrap it up by reiterating it's been a CRAZY awesome year.

As we start to close the book on 2015 and look towards an exciting 2016, we talked to a bunch of our Feed The Beat friends about what their highlights of the last year were. This the fourth of six celebratory lists, with over 30 artists dishing on their faves. Take a look, take notes, and enjoy!

Cheat Codes' Five Favorite Albums

1. If You're Reading This It's Too Late, Drake: Just the title alone had us thinking, we have to listen to this album. Drake's always gonna come through with his album material, but to release this album with no hype as a middle finger to Bird Man and Cash Money, and for it to be amazing, is insane.
2. When its Dark Out, G Eazy: We've been following G Eazy for a while and after hearing this new release we've really become fans. This is best album so far.
3. Peace is the Mission, Major Lazer: Such a unique sound overall and honestly can't get "Powerful" out of our heads.
4. Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack U, Jack U: 2 Diplo albums in the list? We must love him I guess...
5. Pharmacy, Galantis: The production and writing on this album are so clean, no surprise one of the members is from Miike Snow.

Beach Slang's Five Favorite Things

2015 was soft, perfect chaos. I think I loved too many things way too much. But if I need to slice it to 5, it would read a lot like this:
1. The Replacements played shows. And everything in my whole, dumb world got right.
2. Blake played Jawbreaker songs to a room full of kids in Pomona, California.
3. Inherent Vice and The Wrecking Crew.
4. I wrote my first book.
5. Fest 14.

Better Off
Luke Granered's Five Favorite Things

- We played a sold out show with Motion City Soundtrack at the Starland Ballroom, by far the biggest show we've played. Definitely a highlight for Better Off.
- We got to see System of a Down play at Riotfest, which is a bucketlist band for me.
- Desaparecidos put out a new record that is phenomenal.
- We released a new record that we are so stoked on.

Chris Farren
's Five Favorite Things

5. MOVIES! Wow! I really liked a bunch of movies I saw. Some of them were very scary and some of them were kind of sad. At times I would go to a movie theater with a group of friends and we would all watch a movie together. Often, as we walked out at the end of the movie I would say "pretty good flick", and my friends would either agree or disagree depending on the movie. Other times I would ride my little bike alone to the movie theater and sit and watch alone, like an interesting guy.
4. SURFING THE WEB! Holy smokes do I love logging on line. Instagram, Twitter, Google, you name it, I'm on it! The greatest joy in my life is revving up my dial up modem and interacting with my many fans all across the world.
3. MUSIC! Most of my close friends and family know this about me already, but you might not know: I'm a total music freak! I love songs, albums, records - the whole damn thing. This year I heard exactly one hundred songs I loved.
2. GIGS! Wow I played so many gigs this year and spent many special days with many special people. I spent a lot of time with my friends Hard Girls, Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause, Cheap Girls, Restorations, Rocky Votolato and many more. Nothin' quite like performing my emotional acoustic rock music for unsuspecting future fans across the USA and beyond!
1. MY OWN MUSIC! Wow do I like making music! I write all sorts of songs too, fast ones, slow ones and every tempo in between. I put out a whole bunch of stuff this year - I did a split with Tim Kasher from Cursive, my wife and I (oh also I got married this year big whoop) put out a 3 song 7 inch called "Where U Are" on our new label Boyfriend Island, Jeff Rosenstock and I made an Antarctigo Vespucci full length called "Leavin La Vida Loca", my band Fake Problems put out a 7" and my perfect all original holiday album "Like a Gift From God or Whatever" was rereleased on vinyl! What an excellent year for music!!!!

Hippo Campus
' Five Favorite Things

1. crunchwrap supreme
2. doritos locos taco
3. double decker
4. drake
5. zach's cat

Old Wounds
' Five Favorite Things

1. Flatbreads. We discovered that you can order additional flatbreads and we would wrap our tacos / burritos in them. Game changer.
2. Aiden. Die Romantic.
3. Bruth Wayne. Bruth Wayne has a lisp. Dave Chappelle didn't know that. Bruth Wayne was all like "uh". BRUTH WAYNE.
4. Axis. Show Your Greed is one of the best records ever. Period.
5. Jerry. Long Live Jerry.

ROAM's Five Favorite Moments
In no particular order...

Getting to record our debut album, Backbone.
Filming the video for Deadweight, the lead single from said album.
Playing in so many new countries that we never thought we'd play.
Of those, especially going to Spain to support All Time Low.
And obviously, joining the Feed The Beat family for free Taco Bell across America!

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