Favorite Things of 2015: Volume 5

We're making notes on these ones...

It's safe to say that 2015 has been a C R A Z Y year for everyone here at Feed The Beat - in all the best ways! We welcomed 200 new artists to the program, got to watch tons of awesome bands in so many awesome cities, we threw three intimate parties with Pandora Radio, celebrated the first ever Taco Bell pop-up container store in Austin... we could keep going, but we'll wrap it up by reiterating it's been a CRAZY awesome year.

As we start to close the book on 2015 and look towards an exciting 2016, we talked to a bunch of our Feed The Beat friends about what their highlights of the last year were. This the fifth of six celebratory lists, with over 30 artists dishing on their faves. Take a look, take notes, and enjoy!

Andrew Watt's Five Favorite Things

1. Rolling stones Sticky Fingers anniversary show at the Fonda in LA...no phones allowed!!!
2. The Jinx
3. Playing the Crystal Ballroom in Portland Oregon...best crowd weve had to date!!! HUNGRY ROCK N ROLL FANS
4. The latest Foo Fighters EP...i think Iron Rooster is one of Dave's best songs he's ever written and TAYLOR IS SOOOOO BEHIND...Crazy horse vibes all day
5. Mark Ronson's album was on repeat for a strong chunk of the year!!!

Clayton Anderson's Five Favorites

Favorite Album: Something More Than Free, Jason Isbell
Favorite TV Moment: Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake's performance of "Tennessee Whiskey" and "Drink You Away" on the CMA Awards
Favorite Song: "Shut Up And Dance With Me" by Walk The Moon
Favorite Sports Moment: American Pharaoh winning the Triple Crown
Favorite Concert: Justin Timberlake with special guest Garth Brooks in Nashville

Jake Duhaime's Five Favorite Things

This movie is unbelievable. If you haven't seen this I feel bad for you! A 70 year old director makes a "sequel" to a franchise that has been defunct for 30 years- and it's the best movie of 2015. That's so cool to me. The film is very important in ways of its powerful themes of gender equality as well as it's strong stance on having minimal CGI. So happy to have Fury Road in my life.

True top moment or shameless plug? Both! Being a part of Citizen's most recent album has been nothing short of amazing. "Everybody is Going to Heaven" breaks free of any convention; I feel like we did something impactful for our community of bands. Creating this record with Will Yip was the most fun and liberating experience I've ever had in my years playing music. I also gained a ton of weight from all the insane food by the studio.

Before taking my trip to Australia, anyone and everyone who had been there assured me that it would be my favorite place on Earth. They were right. Citizen was able to play some incredible shows, see awesome places, and make new friends. A true paradise. We did a lot of jumping and Mat, our singer, jumped into a pool of jellyfish without noticing they were there. What a dummy. I screamed. They must have thought he was one of them, because he came out completely unscathed.

Off of the new record titled Currents. This is probably my song of the year. Such a great vibe and lyrics that I feel like a lot of people can take meaning from-- People change no matter what, so meet it head on and do something positive with it. This song was crucial through a long/exhausting summer of touring.

As I write out my top list, I would have been engaged for roughly 12 hours. Love rocks!

The Greeting Committee's Five Favorite Things

1. Favorite moment: Austin (our drummer) told us he wants to be a bat so he can hear in the dark. Apparently humans can't hear in the dark.
2. Favorite Album: The Color Before the Sun, Coheed and Cambria
3. Favorite Song: "Depreston", Courtney Barnett
4. Favorite Moment: When Brandon (our guitarist) fell into my drum set and knocked everything over In Columbia at the end of our set.
5. Favorite Lyric Video: "American Appetite", Harriet

Mainland's Five Favorite Moments

1. Recording our debut album: In March we headed out west to LA and recorded our first record at Fairfax Recordings (formerly Sound City). We worked with producer Kevin Augunas in the legendary studio that saw the creation of masterpieces from Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, and Tom Petty. The album, Night Trials, is due out in early 2016.
2. Our single "Outcast" hit radio: We were on tour with Atlas Genius this fall and spent a day off relaxing at a friend's lake house in upstate New York when our single "Outcast" got its first radio add. It was a pretty great feeling to know your song would be played on air and reach new ears.
3. Airport show: It's a running joke between the band that we've performed at many unconventional venues like boats, hotels, and offices -- and this year we were invited to play on the rooftop of JFK Airport's Terminal 5. On top of that, the show was filmed and added to JetBlue's inflight entertainment for November-December.
4. First fan tattoo: After playing an intimate acoustic session in Bushwick, one of our super fans asked for handwritten lyrics to our song "A Bit Out Of Time". A few days after this encounter, she sent us a Snapchat of the handwritten line "A Bit Out Of Time" tattooed across her back. This was the first fan tattoo for Mainland and definitely a milestone. It's a special feeling to see fans connect with the music we release, especially a song like this which has a lot of personal significance.
5. Meeting our new drummer Joey: This summer we parted ways with our drummer. In our search for a new bandmate, our manager's assistant introduced us to Joey who was looking for a new gig. Immediately he fit right in with the band and eased into the role without an issue. As a veteran musician who's been part of many other projects, Joey has helped the band reach a new level of performance. Most importantly he's a great hang on tour!

New Politics
' Five Favorite Things

1. The release of our album Vikings. This was huge for many reasons. We are all very proud of this record and couldn't wait to share it with the world.
2. Joining up forces with Andrew McMahon in the wilderness for our Wildernesspolitics US tour. Such an amazing time touring and hanging out with these dudes. Great vibes all around and the fans couldn't of been better.
3. Even though we are 2/3rds a Danish, it was pretty awesome the NY Mets make it to the World Series. We live in Brooklyn NY so the excitement was very real for us, and Louis our drummer is from originally from NY.
4. Throughout the year we've made a lot of new friends playing random shows and festivals. Sharing the stage with so many amazing artist has been so inspirational.
5. Really feeling and becoming part of this amazing Alternative music scene. There is so much amazing music being made and created at this point in time, and to be lucky enough to be a part of it as an artist is unreal.

Photo: Jesse DeFlorio/Hype Machine's Hype Hotel

Portugal. The Man
Zach Carother
's (slightly edited) Five Favorite Things

1. Lenny Kravitz rocking so hard... well, you know.
2. The GIF of... what happened.
3. "Hello"
4. Fury Road. Which oddly features Lenny Kravitz' daughter.
5. Showing my friends the GIF of Lenny's "situation".

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