Favorite Things of 2015: Volume 6

The final list!

It's safe to say that 2015 has been a C R A Z Y year for everyone here at Feed The Beat - in all the best ways! We welcomed 200 new artists to the program, got to watch tons of awesome bands in so many awesome cities, we threw three intimate parties with Pandora Radio, celebrated the first ever Taco Bell pop-up container store in Austin... we could keep going, but we'll wrap it up by reiterating it's been a CRAZY awesome year.

As we start to close the book on 2015 and look towards an exciting 2016, we talked to a bunch of our Feed The Beat friends about what their highlights of the last year were. This the FINAL volume of six celebratory lists, with over 30 artists dishing on their faves. Take a look, take notes, and enjoy!

Banditos' Five Favorite Things

1. The best thing about this year was being able to go out of the country to play music. It was all of our first times leaving the US. We toured across Scandinavia and France. It's always been a dream of ours and we feel very fortunate.
2. We released our first album! That's a pretty big deal. Thanks, Bloodshot!
3. Our favorite song of 2015 (collectively) is "Watch Out" by 2 Chainz.
4. Scandinavian women...
5. Favorite album: The Deslondes. Some of our best buds put out one of our favorite albums this year.

Bebe Rexha
's Five Favorite Things

Red Velvet Cupcakes
Bryson Tiller's "Don't" & Justin Bieber's "Sorry"
My Celine sunglasses
Jane the Virgin

' Five Moments They're Grateful For

We've spent so much time focusing on our band this year -- with 6 months on the road, two months in the studio, and the rest writing and rehearsing -- that we feel the need to mention some of the things we're grateful for. Here are our top 5 favorite moments from this crazy, cosmic journey.

1. Touring with STP: Back in April, we we're a totally independent act from Brooklyn touring all over the US in our broken down van promoting our single 'Wolves'. It was at this time that Stone Temple Pilots asked us to open for them for a month of touring. They've had a legendary career as a band and we're a huge influence on us personally, so the fact that they loved our song was a special moment. They we're the most supportive, helpful and generally cool band we ever could've opened for.
2. Getting signed: Also in the month of April we we're approached with a record deal from Fairfax Recordings out of LA. We had had a few offers before, but nothing that felt quite right for us, and we felt unsure as to whether we would find the fit and get an offer. Fairfax swooped in at just the right time, and we couldn't be happier with the situation, and the incredible team we are now able to work with.
3. Recording our album: In July and August we recorded our first full length album at Sound City Studios in LA - now known as Fairfax Recordings. It is the site of recording sessions by many of our favorite artists of all time, from Tom Petty and Neil Young to Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine. We felt the spirits of those artists as we recorded. It was a surreal and wonderful experience.
4. Finding our new drummer Jacob: After an amicable split with our drummer, we had only a few weeks until the start of a big tour, and were in a pinch. After frantically searching, a mutual friend connected us with Jacob. Thankfully he was able to learn all of our songs in a matter of days and absolutely kill it with us on tour. He's an exceptional talent and mind, and we're grateful to have found another Dreamer.
5. Looking forward to the future: As we come to end of a year, it's easy to look back with teary-eyed nostalgia or regret about things past. But we take those moments with us forever, and as we grow as people we can always hope that more and better experiences await us, whatever they may be. As we approach the end of a great year 2015, we are grateful to be alive and able to look forward to 2016. Here's to the future.

Head North
Brent Martone's Five Favorite Things

1. Painted Shut, Hop Along
2. The Birth of Kanye West's First Son
3. Beating Thomas Nassiff in Fantasy Football
4. Drake
5. Avoiding The Binary Metal Revival For Another Year

The Mowgli's
' Five Favorite Things

Pageant Material, Kacey Musgraves
Current, Tame Impala
The Kansas City Royals winning the World Series
Gay Marriage
Back to the Future 30th Anniversary

Panama Wedding
's Five Favorite Things

1. Mets going to the World Series!
2. Getting an adult kick scooter
3. New Star Wars movie!
4. First headline tour
5. Releasing Into Focus EP

Richard Rogers' Five Favorite Things

1. Kintsugi, Death Cab For Cutie

2. Inside Out
3. Finally finishing and releasing our album Everything That Got Us Here
4. Working with Beau Burchell on our acoustic EP Renditions. Dude's a legend.
5. Getting to live another year.

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