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The time for new PUP jams is here!

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Did you know that the Taco Bell sauce packets are called "wisdoms"? That's a lot of wisdom going around! So we were thinking... who has more wisdom than our Feed The Beat family? With almost one thousand (ONE THOUSAND!) artists in the program these days, there seems to be no better time to re-introduce you to some Feed The Beat artists of the past, and have them share some "wisdoms" of their own. Read on:

PUP gained their reputation in the scene pretty early on - they played music, loud and hard. They toured, hard and often. They knew how to have a good time. It was the combination of all those things, plus the insanely good songs on their self-titled debut record, that made them prime candidates to join the Feed The Beat program in the fall of 2014.

Luckily, after playing hundreds of shows and then taking a well-deserved break, the PUP boys are back! Their newest song, "DVP", was released under a week ago and already has over 80,000 plays - it seems that we weren't the only ones waiting for new music from the Canadian road warriors. We took this opportunity to talk to the band about their touring lifestyle, making new music on the road, and what the future might hold:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about PUP in one sentence: Loud, sweaty, drunken 'rock music' clusterf**k by four indecisive Canadians.

PUP has gained a reputation for being one of the hardest touring bands around - the final count of shows you played in 2014 was what, over 200? And you hit almost 200 in 2015? Has there been anything you've experienced or learned during these adventures that really stuck out? Being in a band is like being married to each other - you have to communicate, love each other, and be best friends even when you're totally upset at your bandmate because you've been sharing the same bed for weeks and he's getting up once an hour to vomit in a Best Western bathroom in Rawlins, WY because he ate a sketchy reuben for lunch.

PUP joined the Feed The Beat program in 2014. How has that experience been for the band so far? Feed The Beat has literally saved our lives on countless occasions. That's... not even a joke.

PUP in the van during Warped Tour 2015

When you released your self-titled album in the US in 2014, those songs has already been out in the world and had been performed for a bit - and then you played nearly 500 shows with just one record under your belt. What does that mean for writing music? We're obviously hoping there's a new record coming soon, but how much of that was put together on the road? Our writing process is very gradual and slow. Some of the songs on the new record have been written for a few years because our time at home was very sporadic over the last two years. Having said that, we're always in the jam space whenever we're home & that's when we're writing. We're working all the time, whether it's on the road or in the jam space, and that feels good. We had enough time in between tours to get twelve songs together and boom! An album!

Speaking of a new record, you just released a brand new song, "DVP", this week. Where did that come from? Was it a track you've had in your back pocket for a while? DVP was one of the first songs we wrote for this new record. It's been in our live sets for a while and people kept asking, so we thought it'd be a natural fit for the first single. The response has been amazing thus far and we're truly humbled by peoples' reactions to it.

If you had a crystal ball, what would it tell you about the future of PUP? More beer, more gigs, more laughs, more gorditas.

If you could create a "wisdom" to put on a Taco Bell sauce packet, what would it be? "Keep your stick on the ice."

And finally, we have to ask... what's your favorite Taco Bell menu item? Fiery Doritos Big Box, no contest.

Yeah, we're into that choice.
You can hear PUP's debut record here:

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