Jacob Whitesides, The Mowgli's, Never Shout Never are all performing at Taco Bell!

Super Saturday is more like it!

So you thought Sunday was gonna be Super? Let us tell you what is going down on on SATURDAY that's gonna make it a Super Saturday indeed...

Taco Bell is about to launch a brand new product - a total mystery! And for the first time ever, they're offering a pre-order: a chance to blindly order the new item AND taste it before it's even announced! Obviously, this calls for a celebration, and that is where Feed The Beat comes in.

To celebrate this brand new mystery item, three different Feed The Beat artists will be performing inside three different Taco Bell locations between 2 - 4pm on Saturday, February 6th (the pre-order pick up time!). Pretty awesome, right? We've got The Mowgli's, Never Shout Never, and Jacob Whitesides on board here, and we can't wait to party with them and some awesome Taco Bell snacks.

Here's a breakdown of each city these performances will be in, and a chance for you to get to know these artists!

San Fransisco, CA: The Mowgli's

Los Angeles, CA: Jacob Whitesides

Toledo, OH: Never Shout Never

Specific locations of which Taco Bells the artists will be performing at will be revealed soon, but in the meantime - get excited with us!