On The Road: A Photo Blog from 7 Minutes In Heaven

Time to get in the van

There are hundreds of bands in the Feed The Beat program, and hundreds of them are on tour over the course of each year. Sometimes, we get to do really cool stuff with these musicians when this happens, from bringing the Taco Bell truck to their shows, sending a few extra gift cards over, to just simply talking about what their life on the road is like.

We were talking to 7 Minutes in Heaven and their crew about how awesome it was they'd be heading out on a sweet acoustic tour this January with fellow Feed The Beat band Broadside - it was a short run that was only hitting the Midwest, and we were bummed we wouldn't be able to catch it. And then we thought, hey, why don't you share it with everyone?

The Cold Kids and Campfires II Tour kicked off January 14th in Lansing, and with photographer Teri Cwiek in the van alongside the 7MIH dudes, they were off to the races. Here's a glimpse into what their life on the road is like!

Welcome to our tour diary! We started off in Lansing, MI at Mac's Bar and left our mark.

Despite the cold weather, we kept things warm with a lantern-lit singalong campfire theme.

Potatoes gonna potate.

Since we didn't have a heavy load in we took advantage of extra time we had to adventure around.

Vine vi(n/b)es. We found this wall a few blocks down from Double Happiness in Columbus and felt we fit right in.

This is Tarbis. "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to be 'America's Next Top Model'." He won't be around forever so make sure to get a CD & a picture with him while you can!

Picked us a winner at Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis.

Friends in St. Louis coming on stage to keep the crowd hype going for a fun singalong.

Is a onesie necessary for National Penguin Awareness Day? Absolutely.

We work with what we've got.

Small talk & Burnsville walls.

We still haven't figured out how to balance our physical health on tour so this is how we work on our glutes & hammies.

On Thursdays we wear flower crowns.

Writing on the road has become second nature, maybe you'll hear this one day?

King of the castle.

The Rave is hands down our favorite venue.

Believe it or not, we're swimming in air!

There's a light on in Chicago.

That's a wrap! Thank you to everyone part of #CKACT and every single person that came out and supported this idea in some way. We will never forget this one, until next time.

All photos by Teri Cwiek // www.tericwiek.com

You can hear the latest release from 7 Minutes In Heaven, Side Effects, here: