Alumni Wisdom With: The Ready Set

A brand new album - honest and personal - is almost here

Did you know that the Taco Bell sauce packets are called "wisdoms"? That's a lot of wisdom going around! So we were thinking... who has more wisdom than our Feed The Beat family? With over one thousand (ONE THOUSAND!) artists in the program these days, there seems to be no better time to re-introduce you to some Feed The Beat artists of the past, and have them share some "wisdoms" of their own. Read on:

For a while there, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing the insanely catchy song "Love Like Woe" on the radio, at the mall, everywhere at Warped Tour, and in venues all across the country. But that was 2010, and since then, Jordan Witzigreuter - aka The Ready Set's braintrust - has grown in leaps and bounds. His most recent offering, I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, is the first record he'll release with indie stalwarts Hopeless Records, and is the first The Ready Set album since 2014. With a minimalistic yet enthusiastic approach to this new collection of music, I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love is a record full of many of the same vibes you may be used to from this artist, but with a fresh new take - and for new fans, there are hooks upon hooks that take no convincing to fall in love with.

Already on the road in support of his new record, we caught up with Jordan to talk about his honest / low-pressure approach to new music, influences while creating, and tour must-haves:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about The Ready Set in one sentence: I'm a dude who writes and produces electronic music and sometimes people dance to it.

You're about to release a brand new album: I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love. Tell us about what went into creating this collection of music. What was the process like, compared to your previous records or other projects you were working on? It wasn't really in my head for this to be an album at first. I just started writing these songs without a plan, and I think because of that, it came out in a really honest and personal way. I had maybe 6 of them done when I signed to Hopeless, and the rest of them flowed really naturally from that. It was the lowest-pressure process I've ever been a part of. I recorded the whole thing in my house, with just a laptop, microphone, and midi keyboard. Ultimate minimalism.

So far, we've gotten just a taste of the new record with "Disappearing Act," "Swim," and "Good Enough." What other tracks from I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love are you looking forward to having your fans hear? I'm really excited about one called "Run With Me". It's got a similar vibe to "Disappearing Act" in that it's very 80's and dreamy sounding. There's also "See You", which is the last song on the album. I wrote it 3 years ago and have been trying to find a home for it, and it finally makes sense.

It sounds like we're going to have a few new sounds and vibes on these new songs. What influences did you pull from when you were writing, if any? Were there any lyrics that feel especially powerful once you sang them out loud? Lots of 80's vibes, a bit of tropical house, and overall just the idea of trying to make sure every sound is as unique as possible. I was listening to a bunch of Toto and Genesis during a lot of this.. I think that shows a little bit in some of the songs. My favorite lyric is probably in "Disappearing Act" actually- "fearing the sun would never come to the shadow of who I was, swinging from empty stars, falling down together".

You took time off from touring for a little while, but now you're back out on the road! What's the most exciting part about playing shows with these new songs? Really, it's the most exciting thing just to see people sing to the new stuff, and you see it more and more every day as time goes on. It's like seeing evidence that people are listening to and enjoying the music right before your eyes instead of through a screen.

Tour wise: what is your "must have" on the road? I never go outside without sunscreen, even if it's cloudy or night time. I'm pretty intense about that. I also would say my iPad came in handy during long drives, but I think I lost it in a hotel room.

If we had a crystal ball, what would it tell us about the future of The Ready Set, in 2016 and beyond? I've got a lot of cool features coming up with other artists that I'm excited about, and also it's looking like I'll be on the road for the rest of the year!

If you could create a "wisdom" to put on a Taco Bell sauce packet, what would it be? Honestly, just drink me straight up.

The new album from The Ready Set, I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, is available April 8th.

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