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Exclusive Video: Behind The Scenes with Broadside

There is a long and storied history of what is referred to as "pop-punk" music - sometimes it's poppy, sometimes it's more punk leaning, and sometimes you can find the perfect blend of all it's asp... Continue reading →

Posted on 12/09/15

Tour Tuesday! | December 8th

State Champs / Photo via FacebookYeah, okay - consider this the official countdown to 2016. Have you SEEN these tours? There have been some beyond stellar lineups announced for the new year already... Continue reading →

Posted on 12/08/15

Now on Pandora: Tokyo Police Club

October was a good month for the Feed The Beat crew - we got to announce 100 new artists were joining our program, and we threw a big ol' party with Tokyo Police Club and The Kickback! It was a gre... Continue reading →

Posted on 12/02/15

Tour Tuesday! | December 1st

Caspian, photo via Facebook2016 is looking like it is going to be an AMAZING year... the tours we're seeing Feed The Beat bands announce both in the States and overseas are stellar so far. The seco... Continue reading →

Posted on 12/01/15

Tour Tuesday! | November 24th

Jukebox The GhostSometimes, we have tours to celebrate a new record finally coming out. Or because recording has finally wrapped. Or because someone's never been to a different country before. Or b... Continue reading →

Posted on 11/24/15