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Featured Artist: Allison Weiss and Sol Cat

Los Angeles based pop singer Allison Weiss and Nashville based indie rock group Sol Cat have numerous things in common: they love Taco Bell, they love making music that conveys a message and they'r... Continue reading →

Posted on 07/06/15

Exclusive Interview: Four Year Strong

Earlier today, Feed The Beat band Four Year Strong announced an awesome lineup for their fall tour! Featuring fellow Feed The Beat alumni Defeater and Superheaven, FYS will headline across the coun... Continue reading →

Posted on 06/29/15

Tour Tuesday! | June 23rd

Well, another week passed us by and another round of tour dates are starting / getting announced from Feed The Beat bands all across the country! Check out this week's Tour Tuesday post:Allison Wei... Continue reading →

Posted on 06/23/15

Exclusive Video: Microwave's "Labor Day," Acoustic

There's something about an acoustic take of a song that can blow you out of the water, if all of the factors align - and with Microwave, this park session of "Labor Day" hits everything on the list... Continue reading →

Posted on 06/22/15

Teen Men on the small screen

Teen Men have a style that is very much their own. The Delaware band, who have just joined Feed The Beat, recently released their self-titled album - but besides just releasing an awesome album, th... Continue reading →

Posted on 06/17/15