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Spring 2017 Submissions Are Open!

It's true - the submission period for the Feed the Beat program is now open for the Spring!Since 2006, Taco Bell and its Feed The Beat program have helped support more than 1000 artists and bands. ... Continue reading →

Posted on 03/25/17

PREMIERE: KING NEPTUNE'S "Everyone Is Falling In Love"

King Neptune should be on everyone's radar. Formerly of NGHBRS, New York-based Ian Kenny (known now as King Neptune) delivers a unique brand of singer-songwriter sensibilities to his pop-laden trac... Continue reading →

Posted on 02/13/17

Grace Mitchell Is All Right

[Photo: Will Nixon]We've been following Los Angeles based musician Grace Mitchell for a while, from joining the ranks of Feed The Beat a couple years ago to the release of her dance inducing hit "N... Continue reading →

Posted on 02/10/17

Video Premiere: Speak Low If You Speak Love, 'A List Of Things'

Speak Low If You Speak Love is anything but a side project. Frontman and guitarist behind the moniker, Ryan Scott Graham, also spends his days playing bass in Albany, NY based pop punk band State C... Continue reading →

Posted on 01/09/17

A Conversation With Tiny Moving Parts

[Title Photo Courtesy of Artist] Tiny Moving Parts have had quite the year. The Midwest punk rock band - made up of Dylan, Billy and Matt - have been writing and touring extensively. "We just write... Continue reading →

Posted on 12/30/16