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A Conversation With Tiny Moving Parts

[Title Photo Courtesy of Artist] Tiny Moving Parts have had quite the year. The Midwest punk rock band - made up of Dylan, Billy and Matt - have been writing and touring extensively. "We just write... Continue reading →

Posted on 12/30/16

Sorority Noise's Constant Progression To Be Louder

[Photo: Andy Deluca]Sitting in the back of the green room in Washington DC's DC9, with a sound check happening in the background, we meet up with Cameron Boucher, vocalist and guitarist of Feed the... Continue reading →

Posted on 12/26/16

A Conversation With Chet Porter

[Photo: Cole Janeteas]It's a beautiful Fall day in New York City, and we're set to meet with Chet Porter during some off time from his tour with Feed The Beat alumni, Lemaitre. Chet Porter might no... Continue reading →

Posted on 11/28/16

The Fall 2016 Lineup is here!!

Twice a year, we make an open call for new musicians to submit to become part of Taco Bell's Feed The Beat program - and every time, we're blown away by the amount of talent that comes our way! But... Continue reading →

Posted on 10/13/16

On The Road: A Tour Blog from Glass Mansions

There are hundreds of bands in the Feed The Beat program, and hundreds of them are on tour over the course of each year. Sometimes, we get to do really cool stuff with these musicians when this hap... Continue reading →

Posted on 10/13/16