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Photo Credit: Cindy Frey

High Vis soundtracks UK Feed The Beat Launch 

Taco Bell’s Feed The Beat program is now global, having officially launched in the UK earlier this year.

To mark the debut of the program in the UK, Taco Bell enlisted one of their inaugural UK artists, High Vis, for their “Cravings Burrito” spot. 

The band was formed from the ashes of some of the UK’s best hardcore bands. They have quickly grown a devoted following and are known for their intense live shows and lyrics tackling themes from class politics to challenges of everyday life.

“As a band from the UK, touring the US is an absolute world away. The drives are insanely long, and you can easily become crippled on a diet of service station snacks, crisps and sweets,” offers High Vis vocalist Graham Sayle. “Taco Bell and the ‘Feed the Beat’ initiative properly saved us on numerous occasions.”

In addition to High Vis, Feed The Beat welcomes local UK artists joining Feed The Beat, including Neck Deep, Felixthe1st, and MISOGI. 

Check out High Vis’ “Fever Dream” featured in the “Cravings Burrito” commercial here.