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The Alaskan rockers reflect on their new song “Dummy”, the hungry side of touring, and how the Feed The Beat program fed them on the road.

Portugal. The Man’s singer John Gourley and drummer Jason Sechrist sat down at the Taco Bell Test Kitchen not only to fix themselves a plate, but to also talk about their new song “Dummy” and their relationship with Taco Bell over the years. During their visit the band talked about life on the road in the early days and how Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat program fed them on the way. With Gourley saying: 

 “When the Feed The Beat program came along they started giving us these five dollar gift cards and each member would be walking in, for once not thinking about money, but rather, ‘I can get some food and I finally feel like a PERSON!'” 

Portugal. The Man’s “Dummy” is out now on streaming platforms and their new album Chris Black Changed My Life will be out June 23rd.

Catch the the video of the interview here.