Blending elements of hardcore, emo, and indie rock in a melodic cocktail unmatched by scene contemporaries, Atlanta four-piece Microwave balances frankness with a penchant for wit, allowing personal confessions to make a striking impact. Owning the best of the punk continuum, lead vocalist Nathan Hardy will sing, scream and yelp amidst snarling guitar work. While often tipping into the heavier side of resonant punk, the band shines brightest in soft reservation.

Their debut record Stovall is simultaneously dynamic and emotionally powerful while still maintaining a poetic edge. Its somber but optimistic mood is flawlessly encapsulated by the lyrics, "you should have known this day would come/I guess if you're gonna be stupid, then you gotta be tough."

Artist Feature

Microwave are having a good year - their debut album Stovall has been making its way into the ears of music lovers all across the world, they signed a deal with a legendary independent label, and they're slowly but surely ticking states off a list of "places to tour." This fall, they'll be hitting the road with fellow Feed The Beat bands Have Mercy and Transit, and we asked them some questions about it:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Microwave in one sentence: We enjoy feeling like s--t in the morning and then getting a cup of coffee and driving for a long time while listening to hot tracks.

You guys are on the road for a tour with fellow Feed The Beat artists You Blew It! and Sorority Noise, and will be touring with Have Mercy and Transit throughout the fall! What's the most exciting part of touring for you? There's nothing more fun then playing music and partying with your friends every night in different places. We're a pretty (outroverted?) group of dudes so we enjoy meeting cool people and seeing cool places.

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? Baby Wipes.

Your album Stovall has lots of great music, a variety of styles and tempos, and a lot of what feels like personal lyrics. Is it challenging (or relieving, even) to take those intense moments and share them with your audience? I would say more relieving then challenging. There's a sense of camaraderie in the scene that we're associated with and it makes you feel like a big conglomerate cluster-being when people sing along.

Stovall has been out for about a year now, and you recently announced that you signed to a new label - this combination of things leads us to believe that there may be new music coming out soon, yes? What's next for Microwave in 2015? We recorded a couple new songs and an acoustic version of a song from Stovall for a split which hasn't been announced yet, but will be released in the next few months. We're also working on another full length album which we plan on recording late this year or early next year. We've been making plans to do some touring in the meantime.